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Realm of Empires is popular medieval-based, Facebook Platform Social Application. The game allows registered players to forge a virtual empire by militaristic expansion and diplomatic manifestations. The developers launched Realm of Empires publicly June 13th, 2008 which has grown into over 42,000 active users as of September, 2010.[1] The business owners classify it in a Beta testing stage.


First, one must register an in-game-name inside one if the open realms; optionally, you may choose what quadrant to begin in or be placed randomly. In a recent evaluation, the developers explained that: in realms 7, 8, 9 & 10, the North East (+,+) quadrant was consistently the most chosen out of the four.[2] Upon successful registration, one may begin development. Depending on the realm, the player starts with a small (23 point) village, a slow but steady supply of silver, a small amount of silver, and an informative tutorial. The tutorial touches on basic understanding of gameplay and is the first quest possible. The quests continues where the tutorial left off. After a completed quest, one is rewarded silver as an incentive. As the player progresses more armies, buildings and ranking will become available to them.

Although Realm of Empires is free to play generally; servants may be purchased, transferred or earned. Servants produce virtual services (or microtransactions).[3]


Upon completion of a palace, the player may choose to expand their current territory. After recruiting an army, one may launch an attack on another village. Whether humanly controlled, rebel or abandoned; the players army must be sufficient to clear the enemies village of any armies or allied support. Furthermore a governor must be present to progress the attack from a clearing, raiding (or "farming") attack to an assimilating attack. If the village being attacked is void of reinforcements, each attack thereafter with a governor present will lower the "yea%" of the victim. This percentage must be lowered to 49% to transfer ownership. With minuscule differences, each governor will typically lower 14-17% out of the 100%, 4 governors do the job. However, each hour that passes without an assimilation attack will allow the "yea%" to recover 1%.

If one was to lose their last village they would be sent to the rim of the realm (rimmed) or removed from the realm, depending on whether the realm is closed or not.


Diplomatic relations is an important aspect of Realm Of Empires, especially amongst clans. These bands often forge alliances, which expresses a mutual friendship, typically. A non-aggression pact or NAP, however, is a deal between the clans involved which constitutes neutrality, neither friendship nor war is sought. Rivalries amongst clans and players often lead to war, whereas the clans officially pronounce each other enemies.

Smaller clans, more often than larger clans, fabricate a state of "brotherhood" which basically creates a band of clans. The clans, typically, sacrifice their respective sovereignty to the band, in hope that their tag will intimidate larger and/or more aggressive parties. Some may prefer to remain independent of a clan, however.


Each realm is slightly altered copy of the original realm, thus providing players the potential to mold a different culture in that world. Furthermore, they allow users to start at a similar pace. Much controversy of unfairness is spoken about new players joining an older realm where other players are well established. The new players have little chance of survival. Realm characteristics listed below.[4]

  • Realm 1: Unforgiven Lands
Released June 13, 2008. Registration closed.
  • Realm 2: Birth of Chaos
Released November 10, 2008. Registration closed.
  • Realm 3: Quest for Glory
Released June 13, 2009. Registration closed.
  • Realm 4: Rise of Honor
Released September 1, 2009. Registration closed.
  • Realm 5: Land of the Elite
Released November 10, 2009. Registration closed.
  • Realm 6: Academy of Kings
Released November 10, 2009. Registration open.
  • Realm 7: Seventh Sanctum
Released May 7, 2010. Registration open.
  • Realm 8: Dominion Of Magic
Released May 7, 2010. Registration open.
  • Realm 9: Rebellion
Released September 24, 2010. Registration open.
  • Realm 10: Dragonfire
Released September 24, 2010. Registration open.


It is debatable whether or not the application developers are properly enforcing the Terms of Service and/or Terms of Use. There is question about excessive censoring of speech on the discussion boards. Also, considering Realm of Empires is still declared at Beta testing after 2 years; the purpose of Beta testing is so that the public may return feedback; however, there has been seeming lack of heed upon users. Furthermore, there is question to several player bans without proper enlightenment as to why. Finally, there is not an appealing process.


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