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Teh TJ, also known as T-Bone and Dodgy T-Bone. Born in Swansea, Wales and remains a resident. Teh TJ is a regular user of Wikipedia but has only just begun contributing. The name Teh TJ was derived from the 1337 mis-spelling of the word "the" and the initials of his first and middle names.


An avid video gamer, Teh TJ has completed some of the greatest video games in existence, including Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7 and Grand Theft Auto: San Sandreas. Teh TJ is fluent in several basic forms of 1337 along with few advanced forms, he also holds membership to the online game of RuneScape. Favourite pastime aside from video games is ten pin bowling. Favourite car is the Aston Martin DB9. A huge supporter of Aston Villa Football Club.

Past Work[edit]

In the past, Teh TJ has worked toward contributing to Gamefaqs, however, the guide he is preparing is far from complete and has yet to be submitted. TJ has also worked as an administrator with Damoss on the Proboards-based site "Leet Gamerz", however the site is yet to take off. Is also locally famous (with Damoss) for the creation and defining of the work Quiblach.