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I am a Canadian citizen. Outside my occupation as an undergraduate researcher, I have a wide range of hobbies and interests, with astronomy, reading, biking, computing, watching anime, martial arts and gaming being just a few of them. I value having a diverse range of interests, in addition to the values of diligence and integrity.

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teh_nubkilr corpus[edit]

The userboxes below are just a little more about me. Since Wikipedia has them, I'd figure, let's use them! A single userbox seems to speak volumes about the users :P

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Because I am fairly busy, I seldom have time to edit pages. However, I have made small contributions to some pages, mostly spelling and grammatical errors. I will add more to my page in due time, but for now, my web site may be accessed here.

However, I am the creator of the page You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown. Prior to that, there was a terrible summary by stating that:

Charlie Brown enters a motocross race with a run-down motorbike, a helmet made from a pumpkin, and Linus as his pit crew. Most of his opponents are eliminated, but in his last race faces Peppermint Patty and "The Masked Marvel" (Snoopy in disguise yet again).

That is the only article I have really created. Notice how it states that Snoopy is "in disguise yet again". It appears a child who hasn't learned to type proficiently could write better articles than this person; to any extent, this user is incompetent to the point where he hides behind an IP address. My sole objective on Wikipedia is to make minor additions and ensure that articles have high quality English.

I'll post a larger list of my contributions here shortly.