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What's all that nonsense with image uploads?[edit]

When I optimise images, I put the settings I used, in case they're useful for someone else to further improve the compression.

I put the type of filter used (from 0 to 5), followed by the block split threshold, followed by whether the Huffman tables are randomised (if applicable).

In earlier attempts I wrote the whole thing out in full. Now I simply abbreviated it as (x;x;r).

To all incredibly negligent and incompetent bot operators[edit]

I do not upload anything other than optimisations, for which the output is exactly the same. Therefore, don't tell me about vague copyright status. I'm sick and tired of automated spam on this matter and will ignore all of it.

What else do you do, you know, that's useful?[edit]

Not much.

Sometimes I go through articles removing vagueness and simplifying language, usually adhering to the mantra of George Orwell's Politics and the English Language.

  • If fewer words can be used to state the same thing, then fewer words should be used.
  • If simpler words can be used to express the same factual knowledge, simpler words should be used.
  • If a word or sentence is vaguer than it needs to be, then be more specific.
  • Stating the same thing twice with different language is superfluous.
  • If a word or sentence is loaded, unload it, or remove it entirely.
  • Semiotic level propoganda is the most effective of all propoganda - without being able to think neutrally, neutrality is impossible. Thus remove this (including marketspeak, PRspeak etc).

Yes PR departments, I'm your worst nightmare ;)

I am Derek