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What's Up?[edit]

This is Testerer, I also post using the IP: AND I'm about 30 and live in New England. Though I feel that wikipedia has many, many, many, many, problems. I still think a small (but growing) group of open, brutally honest, humble users can make a difference, we can affect responsible positive change.

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What's New[edit]

Glad to be working with some great people on the exciting new Wikipedia:WikiProject Podcasting- If you have any interest please come on over and join the fun!

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What can I find here?[edit]

You can expect to find a few trivial details about me as a user.

To Do List[edit]

  • Expand and Reference the article on tongs

My Interests[edit]

Always enjoy checking out Wikipedia:Recent_additions and Wikipedia:Featured_pictures. Very much into Podcasting, RSS, Israel, hemp, cooking, publishing, meta, healthy debate, and politics. I love butter and truffles and enjoying baking and creating pastries. Other things I love are Timeshifting and my Nokia_6133 with it's pimp microsd for all my media. I'm also a gamer and read lots and lots of weblogs. I'm a big fan of Om_Malik for example. I for one think Engadget is a better read than Wired. I think Digg is superior to Reddit. ;)

Could not be happier that the Democrats wiped the floor in the most recent 2006 midterm elections. I am inclined to believe that our current president and his evil administration is very bad for this country. One can tell that through repeated use of the death penalty, torturing of detainees and use of deadly and illegal substances like Depleted_uranium and White_phosphorus.

I'm also a huge supporter of Organ Donation because it is the easiest thing anyone can do to help another human being. Just tell your friends and family!

And if you are wondering, no, this particular article is not in compliance with Wikipedia's policy on neutrality, this one is just for fun!


Stubborn PC Gamer for all my adult life. I did enjoy palying atari, nintendo NES and Game_Boy, though I never had a SNES. I did play alot of Mortal_combat and other console games for my old 16-bit Sega. Aside from all that childs play I've stuck to PC games. I'm excited about the Wii and xbox360, have high hopes for the ps3 but don't have the space, time or budget for console gaming. I have to admit that for a while I did play Tibia.

Here is a list of just some of the PC games I've really enjoyed. For the most part, assume the series not just the 1st release. Doom, Keen, HL, Unreal, Quake, etc..

More to come as I think of the ones worth noting....

What topics I will consider editing[edit]

I'll flag or try and start a discussion on a topic that doesn't seem to be neutral or one that has been tainted with commercial interests or advertising. I'll work to edit any article I feel I can make a positive difference for.

What topics I won't consider editing[edit]

Anything that personally involves myself, my business or family. Any article who's change would benefit myself, my friends, associates, affiliates, subscribers or family.



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