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drs. Tudor Georgescu or T. Georgescu, BSc, M[1]

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Romanian citizen by birth, Dutch subject by naturalization (double nationality, thus).


- 1991 Baccalaureate[2] and Professional Qualification Certificate from Informatics Lyceum no. 1 Bucharest (now called Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science);

- 1999 License in Philosophy from University of Bucharest (comparable to Master of Arts);

- 2004 Propedeutic diploma in Sociology from University of Amsterdam;

- 2007 Bachelor of Science in Sociology (BSc), University of Amsterdam. Specialization: work, organizations and policy sociology.

- 2008 Obtained permission to bear the title drs.[3] title from Informatie Beheer Groep, the Dutch institution which recognizes foreign diplomas.

Member of the Dutch Sociological Association

Member of Mensa Netherlands and Mensa Romania, which belong to Mensa International, Ltd.[4]

Member of Dutch Society Against Quackery.

Member and friend of File Threads Database. FTD has been replaced by SpotNet.

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, French, Dutch (level 4, now called level B2, according to diploma NT2-II, do not confuse it with Wikipedia:Babel level 4, which would mean native or near-native speaker).

Reads and understands: Italian and a bit of Spanish.

Own sites: [1] [2]

Favorite authors: M. Heidegger, H.G. Gadamer, C.G. Jung, Leo Strauss, Allan Bloom.

Religious qualifications: Bible knower (in respect to the literal meaning of the verses; through self-study). From a Sola Scriptura perspective, I am a god and a Son of God.

Hacker (hobbyist) (hardware modder; I am no cracker[5] and no haxor, since my identity as hacker is based upon hacking the Device Configuration Overlay for certain hard discs). Accordingly, my psychological profile is listed on the following sites: Hacker's Manifesto, A Cyberpunk Manifesto.

Online references: from Dan A. Lazarescu (Ad-Vitam Sovereign Grand Commander) and from Lucian G. Iordanescu (Fr. Hermes)

Wikipedia activity[edit]

See [3], [4] and [5].


Why am I a god and a Son of God?[edit]

According to Psalms 82:6, all human beings are gods and Sons of God. According to John 10:33-36, wherein John is quoting Jesus Christ's own words, all human beings who heard the Scripture talking to them (e.g. heard the Scripture being preached by a priest or pastor inside a church) are gods. According to Acts 17:28, all human beings are the offspring of God (Elohim, YHWH). Till here this is simply reading what the Bible has to say, literally, without any kind of "interpretation" (other than the purely literal one). The Bible is a print-published source, peer reviewed by Dr. Jerome of Stridonium and Dr. Martin Luther (they established two different canons for the Bible; both such canons regard as valid and authoritative all verses quoted in this argument).

All humans are thus gods and Sons of God. I am a human being (and I heard the Scripture being preached in churches), therefore I am a god and a Son (offspring) of Elohim (YHWH). This is a valid syllogism based upon assumptions derived from the Bible. Does it count as interpolation? Since Sir Francis Bacon[6] affirmed that syllogisms are no tool meant to increase our knowledge (or: science), we may consider that performing a syllogism upon some assumptions is not interpolation. This is thus encyclopedic knowledge according to Wikipedia:Verifiability criteria.

By the way, Genesis 6:2,4 and Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7 speak about the Sons of God (using a capital letter is justified, since the Hebrew writing does not have capital letters, thus as far as the Bible authors are concerned "sons of God" and "Sons of God" are one and the same "thing", or the same idea). Therefore the Bible says that God has more than one Son.

So, I do not claim such titles only for myself[7], but for everybody else as well, because so says the Word of God expressed in the Holy Bible. The good news of the Bible tells you that you are a living god, making you thus aware of your divine nature.

I don't want to be associated with the absurdities of the Bible. Therefore, I make it more clear: the above is not my opinion about the Bible, but the opinion of the Bible about me. Is it absurd? Yes. Is it my absurdity? No.


  1. ^ I do not formally have the legal right to bear the title "Master of Arts" together with my name. However, MA is the common (customary) English translation of my title "license in philosophy" from University of Bucharest, Romania. Also, MA would be the proper English translation of my Dutch title drs., since this title has been replaced with MA following the Bologna process, in so far as philosophy graduates are concerned. I do have the legal right to bear the title BSc together with my name. I use the degree M as stipulated by Dutch rules for translating pre-Bologna Dutch titles to post-Bologna international degrees, which do not allow me to use MA, but I have to use M instead. A combination of M with BSc is allowed according to Drs. A Jansen, MBA?, since they are different titles (i.e. my BSc was not a prerequisite for obtaining my M).
  2. ^ The Romanian baccalaureate is no BA or BSc, it counts as high-school diploma, i.e. the diploma for finishing general and mandatory secondary education.
  3. ^ I.e., doctorandus; drs. is equal to MA in the Bachelor/Master system, in so far as philosophy graduates are concerned. The Netherlands recently introduced the Bachelor/Master system (according to the Bologna process); in such system change the old title doctorandus was replaced by the degrees MA and MSc, which are equal in value with drs.
  4. ^ See membership card and membership card (verso).
  5. ^ "The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them." E.S. Raymond How To Become a Hacker
  6. ^ Baron of Verulam, Viscount of St. Alban.
  7. ^ ... since I am not delusional about it. All I did is properly read what the Bible has to say about this issue. I am guilty of no more than plain reading. If a reading disability is preventing you from understanding the literal meaning of these Bible verses, I recommend you the program Kurzweil 3000. If theologians had such a program some thousands years ago, a lot of churchly dogmas would have been written substantially differently from today's version.