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Generally, I don't contribute much any more. As other pressures and work commitments have to take precedence. Much of my information is already sourced and cited. Exceptions include ongoing updates to the Digital radio in the United Kingdom article. Reverts, miscellaneous edits and corrections will also be made if I come across them.

Gone as I may seem, don't assume I have gone on retirement. As I continue to check changes and make edits on a irregular basis. The talk page is still active and monitored. Email alerts are still sent to me for new messages so don't assume I have gone or anything.

Crystal Clear kdm user male.png About me

Hi, my name is Gareth and this is my home user page. I believe in the freedom that Wikipedia offers, the flexibility and ease of editing and creation of new articles that attracted me to become a member of Wikipedia.

I generally keep to the media, especially television and radio, as well as the jazz (specifically smooth jazz) and computing. Tech is a major passion of mine as well including video games and journalism. I do occasionally keep an eye out for vandalised articles and revert them to the previous untouched version of that article.

I use the Linux operating system with the Arch Linux distribution and the KDE desktop environment as well as Chromium and other free and open-source software to contribute to Wikipedia.

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Contributions to Wikipedia policies and guidelines:

  • Allowing {{prod}} to be used on user pages (sorry folks!)

My images:

Retford town hall.jpg
Image of Retford town hall. Taken on a really nice summer day.
Jazz FM RAJAR.png
RAJAR figures for 102.2 Jazz FM, which then became 102.2 Smooth FM in 2005 and 102.2 Smooth Radio in 2007. This chart chronicles the listening figures from when records started in 1999 until the latest figures.
UK digital radio listening.png
RAJAR figures for listening share for digital radio in the United Kingdom.
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The majority of work is submitted as public domain work, released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Some images are now covered by both the Creative Commons share-a-like (from 3.0) and GFDL licences, which are covered on the relevant description page.

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