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Headquarted in Tampa, Florida The Holy Qubtic-Church and it's international ministries was established in 2003 as a religious organization whose purpose is to reintroduce the original spiritual practices of humanity, namely Tama-Reans (Ancient Africans), to all of the members of humanity in this day in time. The Original Qubtic-Church of The Black Messiah was reestablished, thereby founded for our generation through the works of the last Tama-Rean (Ancient African) High Priest, Seer and Prophet: Ankh-An-Aton the ruler who holds the key to The Most High.- falsely referred to as Akhenaten - It was he who dedicated himself towards the purpose of bringing back to the minds of his people as members of humanity towards seeking Atonement:those things meant for Atun, The Most High Heavenly One.Atun, a name which later became Atan, Aten and Aton.

Church Foundations[edit]

The foundation of the Qubtic-Church of the Black Messiah are the scriptures which the priests, priestesses, pastors and members acknowledge must be taught with proper overstanding of language origins, research, verification, motivation and technical know-how in a sequential way so as not to further confuse the minds of the inhabitants of the Earth. The Qubtic-Church of the Black Messiah, whom operate under the auspices of Journey Home Group Internationaluses all of the scriptures which can be verified as being divinely inspired while excluding those opinions of human beings which crept their way into the sacred texts. The Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah promotes Atonism as the original religion of Tama-Reans (Ancient Africans) which makes it's adherents Atonist:those whom seek union with The Most High Heavenly One: An Naay Re.

The Qubtic-Church of the Black Messiah is a Christian Church in by way of what the intended meaning of the name Christian is supposed to represent simply, Those who follow the way, truth and life of the Messiah John 14:6. However because we live in a day and time where by so many have twisted the original roots of this word and its practices which comes from the Tama-Reic (Language of the Ancient Africans) word Karast/Krst. Thus the Holy Qubtic-Church and its adherents who advocate Atonism are True-Christians, Karastians/Krstians


The 1st Qubtic-Church was constructed by Ankh-An-Aton in the city of ANNU, AN also called ON in Genesis 41:45 later called Heliopolis (city of the sun) by the invading Greeks.