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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

Leave a message on my talk page. Actually, don't. I'm retired.

I have made a draft of the templates that I will use to revert vandalism here. Tell me what you think. Actually, don't. I'm retired.

Currently: RETIRED.

Hello comrades. I was ThatRusskiiGuy. I chose this name because I loved Russia, and I was of Russian heritage. I also chose this username because the username I had wanted was taken.

I honored Wikipedia, and I tried to edit it with dignity and great care. I took the ones who would think otherwise and reported them to the admins. This was what any loyal comrade Wikipedian would do. I did not enjoy reading nor editing vandalized articles, so I asked that you please keep Wikipedia clean for everyone's sake. Now, I wasn't always good. I was an IP vandal for more than 6 months. When I was finally unblocked, I had realized what I had done. So I did a clean start.

I had joined WikiProject Russia and I felt that it was an enlightening experience.

I gave my respect for you, comrades. Thank you for reading all of this information.


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