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SpaceShipOne Flight 17P
SpaceShipOne, an experimental air-launched rocket-powered aircraft with suborbital flight capability at speeds of up to 900 m/s (3,000 ft/s), prior to takeoff during Flight 17P on October 4, 2004. Flown by Brian Binnie, SpaceShipOne reached an altitude of 112 kilometres (70 mi) and a speed of Mach 3.09. After the flight, SpaceShipOne's developers won the $10,000,000 X Prize as the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks. SpaceShipOne was then retired and placed on exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.Photograph: D. Ramey Logan

How reliable is Wikipedia?

It is pretty good, and getting better. But... is inappropriate to cite Wikipedia as a source, because it is updated in real time. So from the time you cite a Wikipedia page to the time another person looks up your citation, the page may have changed. Citations are usually only applicable to static publications that do not change once they are published. Wikipedia is not a static publication, it is dynamic!‍—‌it changes every minute. In this sense, Wikipedia is not a reliable citable source.

How reliable is Wikipedia as a general resource? Very reliable. Most of the content on Wikipedia is accurate, and many subjects are updated faster than the news. But, Wikipedia is subject to being edited by almost anyone and any time, and the edits may be biased, out of date, incorrect, or malicious (vandalism). Therefore, it is advisable to double-check what you learn in Wikipedia against other sources.

Keep in mind that many volunteers monitor Wikipedia for errors. Since there are so many people reading the articles and monitoring contributions using the Recent Changes page, and using watchlists, incorrect information is usually spotted and corrected quickly.

Some argue that new errors are also introduced all the time, so that the overall accuracy rate is not really improving. Nevertheless, by encouraging people to help with correcting articles, validating content, and providing useful references, errors will eventually be greatly reduced.

The more accurate Wikipedia becomes, the more it attracts additional contributors. It is a self-reinforcing cycle!

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5 August 2017

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Guideline and policy news

Technical news

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.)

Fix spelling and grammar

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Check and add references

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Translate and clean up

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Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.
Help improve popular low quality articles.

Immediate requests[edit]

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Requests for unblock 41
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Candidates for speedy deletion as copyright violations 5
Candidates for speedy deletion 36
Wikipedia fully-protected edit requests 9


Category Entries
Articles for deletion 808
Templates for deletion 137
Categories for deletion 2,421
Wikipedia files for discussion 173
All redirects for discussion 256
Miscellaneous pages for deletion 47
Possible copyright violations 124
All articles proposed for deletion 649
All books proposed for deletion 0
Unsorted AfD debates 10
All files with the same name on Commons 37

Image copyright problems[edit]

Category Entries
Orphaned fair use 1,349
Unknown copyright status 124
Unknown source 6
No fair use rationale 6
Replaceable fair use images 16
Disputed fair use images 5

Page protection[edit]

Category Entries
Protected 275
Semi-protected user and user talk pages 676
Protected user and user talk pages 311
Protected against vandalism 5
Protected talk pages of blocked users 39
Semi-protected 1,719
Arbitration 500/30 restricted 831


General cleanup

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing cleanup 38,283 0.7
All articles needing rewrite 4,079 0.07
All articles needing expert attention 7,000 0.13
All Wikipedia articles in need of updating 17,195 0.31

Reference problems

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing factual verification 4,380 0.08
All articles with unsourced statements 325,109 5.95
All articles lacking sources 206,083 3.77
All unreferenced BLPs 2,690 0.33
All articles needing additional references 314,122 5.75
All articles needing references cleanup 4,880 0.09
All articles lacking in-text citations 88,837 1.63
All articles with dead external links 151,580 2.77

Image cleanup problems

Category Entries Percentage
Files for cleanup 119 -
Wikipedia files lacking a description 37 -
Wikipedia files with unknown source 38 -

Other problems

Category Entries Percentage
All articles to be merged 6,903 0.13
All articles to be split 471 0.01
Unsorted Stubs 441 -
Stub categories 14,630 -
All uncategorized pages 1,201 0.02
All orphaned articles 144,298 2.64
All articles needing copy edit 1,412 0.03
All articles needing style editing 16,170 0.3
All Wikipedia articles needing context 3,839 0.07
All articles that may contain original research 15,811 0.29


Category Entries
Requested moves 161
All NPOV disputes 7,131
All accuracy disputes 7,428
Articles with invalid ISBNs 0
All articles to be expanded 126,615

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