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Welcome to the user page of The Irish Warden! If you want to leave me a message, please leave it on my talk page!
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Sunday, 24 September 2017
About me

Hello, leave a message on my talk page if you pass by! I'm generally involved in RCP (Recent Changes Patrol) and anti vandalism operations.



Current projects/contributions

I am mainly doing RC patrol and things related around that. I have also created my first page which as accepted and I also going around editing pages which interest me and that I feel I could add to.

Pages I have created
My Recognition Award
Leprechaun ill artlibre jnl.png The Irish Warden Anti-Vandalism Recognition Award
I the Irish Warden have seen what great anti-vandalism work you do and I think you deserve a pot of gold from Paddy the Leprechaun! TheIrishWarden - Irish and proud (talk)
The Signpost
6 September 2017

Pictures from where I live
A beach in Annestown.

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