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The limbic system is responsible for rewarding animals for doing things that promote their survival (like eating or having sex). In the first creatures to have one, it was connected to the olfactory sense (smell) and memory. This allowed those critters to experience good memories when they smelled tasty food and bad memories when they smelled poisonous foods (provided they survived their first sampling of the poisonous food). In humans (and other complex animals) it's connected to a wide variety of brain function, including the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for problem solving). In other words, I like to contribute hours of my time, unpaid, to the Wikipedia because my limbic system tells me it's necessary for my survival.

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Not every stub will grow into a useful article.

I prefer an incremental approach to editing for the following reasons:

  • edit summaries can more clearly answer "Why?" if the number of changes per edit is small
  • reduces edit conflicts
  • prevents a revert from throwing out good changes with bad changes

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