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User:Jonjonbt/Navbar It all began in February 2006 when began construction on "Nicktropolis". Then it opened in March in its "alpha" stage, and there were very few members then. All was quiet until June, when Nicktrop went "beta". Then membership numbers grew quickly. Then, on August 18, 2006, a tragedy hit Nicktrop. It began its 5-month closing, which sparked controversy and angered many Nicktropolitans.

The reopening[edit]

On January 6, Nicktrop was opened to the original testers. Then Nicktropolis was very quiet, due to there were only two ways to get in, one through the message boards, and one through here, Wikipedia. Finally, Nicktropolis officially opened to the public on January 30, and there were hundreds of parties held in Nicktrop. Today, the population is at almost 4,000,000 and there is no anger towards the engineers. That is the history of Nicktropolis.