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About me: I am a pedant. If you find your sentences that made perfect sense to your American ears have been edited to actually make grammatical sense, you can probably blame/credit me! I oppose the dumbing-down of our language that is being permitted and promoted by liberal, descriptivist pansies in the American education system. Spelling errors irritate me more than international terrorism, and I take more pleasure from an eloquent and grammatical sentence than I do from the sight of so many naked ladies. I believe that the reason our language has so many words in it is so that we may use them to communicate more precisely and efficiently, not to impress and/or confuse the proletariat (though this is often a desired or undesired side-effect, depending on the situation).

Disclaimer: Just as monkeys occasionally fall from trees, I occasionally make mistakes. I accept this, and though I believe that no one is perfect, I still feel that perfection is a noble goal worth working toward.