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Wikipedia. It's a mug's game, really
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I am currently studying towards a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with my major/specialty being gaming and graphics for the video game industry. From May-August 2019 (4 month contract), I was an IT professional with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and by extension the Canadian Coast Guard.

On Wikipedia, I spread my time between various areas. Combating vandalism, gnome-like work, Sockpuppet investigations (trainee clerk since October 2019), and other admin areas are my main areas of contribution as of late. I have also recently found myself contributing to the mediawiki software (which Wikipedia uses) and other extensions for it to address my old foe...deprecation. Previously, I spent a lot of time reviewing Articles for Creation submissions and (occasionally) GA submissions, patrolling new pages/recent changes, and improving articles. A longer term project of mine is working with Rolling Stones related articles, improving them to Good Article status whenever possible (future plan to improve a few to Featured Article status). I have also worked on improving, creating, and publishing sports related articles, resulting in the creation of approximately a third of the articles about athletes listed on Slovenia men's national volleyball team (as of 17 March 2017).

After having a future run for adminship suggested to me in October of 2017 by There'sNoTime, among others a few months later, I eventually filed a Request for Adminship on 9 June 2018. On 16 June 2018, the RfA was closed as successful after some technical complications. Later that month (29 June), I applied to join the Wikipedia Volunteer Response Team (OTRS) and was accepted. Since 18 December 2018, I have been a Global renamer on meta. As of 21 January 2019, I have also served as a member of the Bot Approvals Group on the English Wikipedia. The Bot Approvals Group acts as the oversight body, approving bots on the English Wikipedia.

Basically, I help out where I can and where my interests take me.

Note to the press[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation, the English Wikipedia, and specific articles within our encyclopedia are all routinely the subject of substantial news coverage by reputable media sources. Unfortunately, the media often misunderstands how Wikipedia works, leading to mistakes and even retractions. If you stumble upon my profile while working on an article for a reputable news source, please feel free to reach out to me for clarification on any facts or just to sanity check yourself. I regularly monitor my email and will quickly respond (within 24 hours, but often faster). You can email me by registering an account and clicking "Email this user" on the left sidebar of this user page from all major desktop browsers. You can also contact me on my "User talk" page without an account by clicking the "Talk" link at the top of the page and clicking "New Section" on the resulting page, although you should be aware that your IP address will be visible to all users if you fail to log in.

My all-time favourite RfA & pic
NPhDContrary to popular belief, this user is not a doctor....or are they?? Face-wink.svg No, seriously
Just leaving this here as I laugh every time I see it

My favourite RfA of all time award goes to User:Xaosflux/Requests for adminship/Wikipe-tan, as it made me laugh aloud in a quiet library.

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