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"[The Japanese Red Army] had tortured a number of its own members to death in Japan. (One, for instance, was a young woman. They had buried her alive under the floorboards of the rooms in which the gang lived. Her crime had been to ask one of the comrades to pass her a paper handkerchief. The leader of the group, Fusako Shigenobu had seen this as proof that she was 'too bourgeois', for which she deserved to die. The murdered woman was pregnant at the time.)"-From Jillian Becker's definitive The PLO: The Rise and Fall of the Palestine Liberation Organization (1984), pg. 129. (If I were still reading as many neo-reactionary blogs as I used to, I would probably include the caption "Leftism in a nutshell.")

From the fanaticism with which the Khmer Rouge set out to kill (after the most extravagant tortures) every Cambodian guilty of thinking insufficiently virtuous thoughts (or of wearing glasses—which could indicate intelligence—or having received a Western education, like the French-educated intellectual leaders of the Khmer Rouge themselves) in a massacre with few parallels in recorded history, to the censorious campus Left that threatens violence to block a feminist speaker due to her "transphobic" belief that a biological male cannot draw on the same reservoir of experience as an individual that has been female for their entire life, examples such as the above may merely be caricatures, but revealing caricatures nevertheless.

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On Wikipedia, my best work to date can be seen at Dreamcast. Beyond the GAs and FA listed above, I also wrote pretty much everything in Iraq–United States relations covering the period 1958 to 1975.

My love for Sega is rooted in a natural sympathy for the underdog, as well as the inimitable charm and appeal of Sega games.

Politically, I've evolved from a radical Leftist fooled by Chomsky into thinking that the Khmer Rouge were framed for the after-effects of U.S. bombing (a conclusion anyone would reach if they knew absolutely nothing about Cambodia and Chomsky were their only source of information on the matter), to a neo-neocon in the vein of Hitchens (and then an actual neocon), to an Objectivist/libertarian, then a neo-reactionary, and, finally, I've recently been converted 99% of the way to Progressivism by the likes of Scott Alexander (cf. Deirdre McCloskey's "How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich"). (Of course, there is still that remaining 1%...)

On second thought, if the great struggle of our time is between illiberal democracy and undemocratic liberalism, then I'll be hard pressed to take either side.

Despite being an editor, I don't actually recommend that you take the vast majority of Wikipedia articles on politics or history remotely seriously. I'm not sure I'd even be here if I didn't think it necessary to minimize the harm Wikipedia can do. My brief experience editing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict convinced me that Wikipedia's anti-Israel bias is pervasive and probably insurmountable. You're certainly not going to learn the true history of the Reagan administration's Latin America policy from Wikipedia. I'm sure Moldbug would say that Wikipedia is merely the voice of "the Cathedral," and he might be right (though I have always been as allergic to Moldbug as I am to Chomsky, even when I closely identified with the neo-reactionaries).

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