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The Geography Barnstar
This barnstar is awarded The Canadian Roadgeek in appreciation of his tireless and valuable contributions to Wikipedia:WikiProject Golden Horseshoe Roads. Nhl4hamilton05:41, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

BREAKING NEWS(Recent News about the Canadian Roadgeek): The Canadian Roadgeek has now returned to Wikipedia after a long period of Wikibreak!

Recent News[edit]

FOR MORE, please go to User:Smcafirst/Outdated News!

May 19, 2008. The Canadian Roadgeek took a Victoria Day trip to Peterborough and surrounding area. Check out his picture collection in Picture Gallery.

April 2, 2008. Happy birthday, THE CANADIAN ROADGEEK!

October 2, 2007. Smcafirst is now The Canadian Roadgeek.

October 1, 2007. Smcafirst's new talk page's feedback could go towards User talk:Smcafirst/Test 1.

September 19, 2007. Smcafirst took an excursion to the Niagara Escarpment on September 19. Details of the trip is summarized at the Geography Trip page.

September 1, 2007. Smcafirst broke the 5000th edit mark when editing Template:Topics on Markham

May 7, 2007. Smcafirst, in the past month, was visiting Quebec and Eastern Ontario, and he took many photos for Wikipedia, wait till Smcafirst put it up on Wikipedia!

April 2, 2007. Happy birthday, SMCAFIRST!

April 1, 2007. SMCAFIRST designed a new userpage look! Give feedbacks to him at User talk:Smcafirst/Comments!


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