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Welcome to my userpage. I am an amateur photographer, and the majority of my contributions to Wikipedia include pictures I have taken at various events, mainly in the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area. The majority of the pictures I have contributed include pictures from professional wrestling events, mostly of Puroresu stars and independent (ROH,CHIKARA,etc.) wrestlers. I also have submitted photos of MMA fighters along with a few other miscellaneous photos.

Please let me know if you are appreciative of my submissions. I would also appreciate it if you let me know if you are going to use any of my pictures for your website, etc.


Mitsuharu Misawa, 2007.jpg KENTA2.jpg KensukeSasaki.jpg Marufuji2.jpg

CIMA1.jpg BxBHulk1.jpg KotaIbushi.JPG


Sandman ECW.jpg DannyDoring.jpg Homicide1.jpg Sonjay Dutt.jpg


Shane Carwin.JPG Jon Fitch.JPG Rory Markham.JPG Cain Velasquez.jpg


HIN Promotional Models.JPG

Other photos I have shared so far include:

Nigel McGuinness

Johnny Saint

Tyler Black


Mercedes Martinez

Sumie Sakai


Hector Guerrero

Bill Alfonso

Julius Smokes

Shingo Takagi

Dragon Kid

Naruki Doi

Masato Yoshino