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I've been a Wikipedian for 7 years and 29 days.
I'm an administrator (RfA) and a Bot Approvals Group member (RfBAG).
I've made over 17,000 contributions and created over 150 articles.
I run a bot named EarwigBot (contribs), which is open source.
I maintain the following Wikimedia Labs tools: earwigbot, copyvios.
You can reach me by email at
You can reach me on IRC as Earwig (wikipedia/The-Earwig) in ##earwig and others.
I have a global account; this is my home wiki (see others).
I'm a native speaker of American English, y puedo contribuir con un nivel básico de español también.
I'm also a member of WikiProject Insects and WikiProject Arthropods.
I helped get Earwig to good article status.
I've also written or expanded two articles to Did you know? status.
I'm interested in most areas of biology, particularly entomology and taxonomy.
I also like programming and game development. I absolutely love Python, and I've worked with C/C++, Ruby, SQL, Java, and JavaScript. Check me out on GitHub.
I've donated to Wikipedia, and you should too.
I've been declared an Awesome Wikipedian! I was awarded the date April 17, 2010.
I hail from the U.S. state of New York.
I contribute using Google Chrome on OS X.
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