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By popular demand, I have decided to set on paper just a few of my thoughts on this years candidates for governance of Wikipedia. In no way should anyone allow my humble opinion to influence their voting, but for the benefit of anyone interested here is my insightful and extremely perceptive opinion on this year's crop.

These are my initial thoughts which I shall be expanding over the coming weeks.

I shall not be interrogating the candidates personally, as when one is as perceptive as me, such questioning is merely time wasting.


I often see this name en passant and immediately think it's urging me to perform some middle-class Wikipedia function like "assume good faith." I find that very worrying. However I see he's a Scotsman, so I expect it stands for "Auch the gnu" or some other similar Celtic Highland greeting. Generally, I like Scottish people (I remember that nice little lady in Dr Findlay's casebook) so I expect Anthony (for that is his name) has nice legs and looks very dashing in his kilt when throwing telegraph poles about, which seems to be one of their extraordinary national pastimes. (quite why one hesitates to imagine)

Anthony hasn't told us his views on Scottish independence - something of which I don't approve and smacks to me of gross ingratitude. He also doesn't mention his bagpipe playing - another national pastime of which I don't approve - all very well, fine and dandy if played properly, but I've yet to meet anyone who does.

On the whole, I think I may recommend voting for this candidate.

David Gerard[edit]

While I am told this person and I inhabit the same city; I do not believe we orbit in the same circles. In fact, I would imagine Mr Gerard lives beyond the North Orbital and mixes in a circle and place with which I am unfamiliar.

There is also, I believe something, very unsavory in his woodshed concerning checkuser abuse.

I have never trusted people called David since the King ran off with Mrs Simpson. Then of course there's David Cameron, David Lloyd George and that most peculiar David Icke. Besides which if we have the likes of Mr Gerard, it will only be a short leap and bound before we have that horrid Mr Sidaway (or whatever he calls himself these days) wanting to be on the Arbcom and then we'll be, right back in 2005. I don't know whether that grim Mr Bauder is still alive, if he's not, they'll probably charge him up like Frankenstein and we'll have an Arbcom run by an unholy triumvirate. and we don't want that - do we?

What beautiful flowers Mr Gerard, what a kind thought - thank you so much, gardenias are quite my favorite how generous you are. After the election, if you would care to borrow a battery charger, you have only to ask my chauffeur, and don't you go worrying about that horrid Mr Mangleweed's little jottings, I'll have one of my people go round a lock him in his sauna until after the election, although why all these Swedes want to sit there stark naked together and then dance around in the snow is quite beyond me - I'm surprised they don't all catch their deaths.
However, one small, tiny, weeny thing still bothers me about Mr Gerard, that's his unwarranted assault on my person liberty: [1].


Charming person, to be admired; very well mannered - a candidate to watch and vote for.


Sounds like an unfortunate disease of the leg. However, he has a charming photograph of himself on user his page. Looks most debonair, articulate and dashing - reminds me very much of my very handsome, fourth husband - who unfortunately was not to be trusted on account of his uncontrollable urges. I shall have to consider this candidate virtues very carefully indeed.


Sounds very American; like some brand of that revolting whisky they make and drink to excess over there. Concerning! Already, an example of my deep perception. No staying power; bitten the dust already - probably succumbed to the demon drink. I really don't know why we have these elections. I should just take my Mont Blanc and score through the names and appoint who I feel is fittest.


I know nothing of this candiddate. Sounds very mathematical. It doesn't do to be too clever with one's name - complete affectation.

The editor is from Kansas - No, no, no; we would be having all this "over the rainbow" business and whatnot. Don't want that on the Arbcom with odd people wanting to dress up as Dorothy - they do that in Kansas you know (I saw it on a TV documentary) there's enough odd people on Wikipedia as it is, without encouraging more of them.


Sounds quite delightful; convenient for the zoo and a very nice area. Clearly a candidate to vote for. Ms Bishzilla's helpful if somewhat limited little guide does not seem to like this candidate very much, but then Ms Bishzilla does not know London as well as I, Anyone who lives in Regents Park has to be a very nice person. Were he to be called User: Walthamstow or User: Balham that would be quite another matter.


Some relation no doubt; I can't abide nepotism.


The name clearly suggests that he has something to hide. Really! Do they think these things through before putting their names forward? No staying power the young of today.


Peculiar name; probably foreign.


The silly woman hasn't declared a candidacy, but people ought to vote for her anyway. I can't abide false modesty, but I do think the Arbcom needs someone who knows what they are doing. Yes, yes, yes, I know we have Newyorkbrad (is he coming or going? He's so verbose one can never be sure what he is doing); whatever, it's all very well Mrs Risker declaring she wants to be alone, but she's hardly Greta Garbo, and that was attention seeking - it would have served Greta (she was a dear, close friend) right if she had been left alone. I am digressing. My point is the Arbcom needs her (Risker that is, not Greta Garbo) so just vote for her.


Naturally, I am a great believer in good table manners, and like everyone I had a nanny who insisted I chew all my food properly, but I can't help feeling naming oneself after one's masticational habits is unfortunate and to be avoided. I see this person is a bureaucrat - I don't care for people who work in offices; it's an unhealthy lifestyle devoid of fresh air and gives them all an unhealthy complexion and they are generally dull. This person also starts his statement "Hello, everyone" - I can't abide that expression; it sounds far too clap-happy and suggestive of one of those strange American religions with everyone waving their hands and feet in the air and grinning like Cheshire cats at each other. This person also states "I have never been blocked, banned, or sanctioned in any way" - Oh give him a medal someone do, before he dies of boredom and takes the rest of us with him. All things considered, I don't think I will be voting for this person, but I will watch to see if he redeems himself.

  • I've just been emailed to say that his name is in some vague way connected to computing - well that makes him positively scintillating company no doubt.


No doubt people will call me old-fashioned and I do know one should not judge people on their appearance, but in the case of Georgewilliamherbert, I do feel a decent haircut and a packet a razor blades would not go amiss. He also has pictures of cats on his page! I do not care for cats, and I care even less for men who care for cats. I find them very worrying.

I well remember years ago, young George as a small boy, he was an extremely unpleasant child, and a great nuisance to my beloved nephew - trigger happy I think was the expression at the time. Furthermore, reading his very badly written candidate statement [2] he seems to begin a worryingly large number of sentences with "I" and then go on to explain some unfortunate happening - too much misfortune in my opinion. Pursuing his disjointed thoughts further, he seems to feel that we are all half-way to Hell, so I think we may as well save him the trouble of saving us, and go there and enjoy ourselves - which we certainly won't do here if he's voted onto the Arbcom.

Finally, his 'Addendum': Far too much eye-watering information. The only thing I can abide less than talk of ill health is "Unwell Wikipedians." So the answer is no, I won't be voting for him.


Now this user looks like a charming young lady (do learn to sit up straight dear) and comes from Boston too; that's a very nice place. I've often found that the more couth type of American comes from Boston. Although my niece-in-law came from Maine and she was very couth too - lovely woman; she produced the most attractive children I have ever seen - very intelligent children too, Now where was I? Oh yes GorillaWarfare; well she seems very nice indeed, but I don't approve of her name - it needs to be changed to something more feminine and attractive - Gloria Warfarin for instance. she's not going to find herself a husband if all the men think she must look like some form of primate. But at least she's not full of horrid piercings, they look most unattractive - a girl needs to look as though she's just come from the beauty salon, not the local scrap metal yard.

My only concern is that GW does look very young, I hope she's not spending all her life locked in her bedroom fiddling with her computer - so many of these young girls do today. Her parents need to launch her into society - although even that's a mine field these days; ask a young girl if she's come out, and one gets all sorts of unexpected replies - very few to do with nice social events.

I do think Gloria reminds me of my daughter, Ursaline, at that age - good breeding, beauty and intelligence cannot be imitated, so for that very good reason, I'm going to vote for her.

Arthur Rubin[edit]

Now Mr Rubin does interest me. His block log and statement suggest that he's something of a Raffles and Robin Hood, which I think is rather exciting. Poor Miss Warfarin (above) doesn't want to be sitting there with a room full of dull old men droning on - if poor little Mrs Risker had had a little more excitement there, she probably wouldn't be leaving. The major problem with Mr Rubin is his name Arthur - that must be changed to something altogether more dashing and thrilling - Casimir, Rhett or Troy (I had a very nice under-footman called Troy in the 1960s & what a decade that was). No, Arthur reminds me of dear old Higgins the head gardener at my beautiful country home, Scrotum Towers. Now, while Higgins is very talented with the azaleas, I would certainly not want to invite him indoors - that generation never learnt the benefits of antiperspirant. But we are digressing. What about Mr Rubin on the Arbcom? Mr Mangold in his rather laborious guide doesn't seem to like him and neither does that rather ferocious Ms Bishzilla in her guide. However, those editors , like most elderly people (no fault of their's - it will come to us all) can be discounted. So long as he becomes Rhett Rubin he ought to be given a chance. He can't be any worse than some of those horrid people we had before and we do have to think about Miss Warfarin; she's not going to meet many other eligible young men on the Arbcom. Now wouldn't it just fill all your hearts with happiness to see Rhett and Gloria married. However, Miss Warfarin must ascertain some hard facts first. As I know to my cost, all marriages aren't happy: and if one is going to be unhappy; it's far better to cry in the back of a Rolls Royce than on the back of a bicycle. Therefore, for Miss Warfarin's sake and future happiness we must all vote for Rhett.


Now, nobody can accuse me of being bigoted, unkind or anything but tolerant, but I have to confess that I don't usually care for Germans due to an unfortunate incident at the Bayreuth Festival in 1954, when so moved by the beauty of the music I stood up and joined Isolde in the final climax of Liebestod - it brought the house down, and my then husband was so emotionally moved that he left the theatre with his coat over his head; however, some very unkind things were said to me afterwards by some Germans with no concept of fine music. Therefore, you will all be astounded that I have decided to support Herr Kraxler. Now, I hear you ask, why is Lady Catherine being so tolerant, gracious and benign?

Amazingly for someone wanting to be on the Arbcom, 80% of his edits are in mainspace, which I think shows a certain commitment and dedication to the project. It's impossible to make that many edits without encountering and dealing with numerous mindless morons and POV pushers (I can't abide a bigot) and as he seems to have survived such a journey with his name intact (more on his name later), he must be quite adept at dealing with people. The fact that he's not already an administrator counts for nothing - if that were important, every Prime minister would have to be a former big-footed plod who had spent his formative years operating a speed camera and tasering criminals - neither of which are particularly useful for running a country - if you follow my logic. Besides which, it will be refreshing to have an Arbitrator who has not wasted his youth by prattling about his betters incessantly in some silly chat room.

Now the name Kraxler: of course, that must go. It sounds like some revolting canapé served at a middle-class drinks party. He might just as well call himself Vol-au-Vent, Pretzel or Porky Scratching. If he is so obsessed with canapés, he should call himself 'Devil on Horseback' - that has a certain panache and few woman can resist a wild man on a horse - so named he might even distract dear Gloria from Rhett. I can see the Arbcom becoming a hotbed of seething lust, which will keep them all nicely occupied and give the rest of us something more interesting to speculate about - such fun that would be. So let's all vote for him.