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This is me
This is my cat

Hello! My name is Chris Keating, I'm a long-time Wikipedian and until recently I was a Trustee of Wikimedia UK.

What I've done on-wiki[edit]

I started editing in 2004 and became an administrator in 2006. The first article I deleted from AfD was "The Game of Lands". However, it turns out that my most ironic edit is in fact this one. I was particularly productive in 2007-2009, doing a lot of work on naval history articles. During this time I was the main author of four featured articles:

- as well as contributing to dozens more. In 2010 I attended the collaboration with the British Museum on Hoxne Hoard and then attended the GLAM-WIKI conference in London which sparked my interest in Wikipedia outreach activities - and also inspired me to get Book of the Dead to Good Article status.

Articles I've created include: Hermine Spies - Eunice Foote - Handling salmon in suspicious circumstances - Trade Disputes Act 1965 - Animateur - Violin Concerto in C (Beethoven) - Cholera (food) - Monotones (ballet) - Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum - RAF Air Defence Radar Museum - List of Book of the Dead spells - Empress pepper pot - Francesco Caracciolo-class battleship - Quick-firing gun - HMS Incomparable - Eight-eight fleet - Treaty battleship - K-1000 battleship - Demologos - Dreadnought[1] - Nassau-class battleship - HMS Rattler (1843) - Dornier Do214 - +...+ - Boy (book) - Salary - Loyal opposition - John Macmurray

Wikimedia UK[edit]

In 2011 I was elected to the board of Wikimedia UK, the UK's Wikipedia charity. We do lots of cool things for Wikipedia in the UK - working with museums, libraries, universities and other partners to help promote understanding of the Wikimedia movement, and help improve Wikipedia articles. If you're a British-based Wikipedian, there's loads going on, please do check out our upcoming events.

I have served on the board for over 5 years, including being Chair for about 18 months in 2012-13. I was appointed Chair in difficult circumstances and led the organisation through its 2012 Governance Review and was glad to be able to hand the role of Chair over to someone else once the organisation was on an even keel. Since I stepped down as Chair of Wikimedia UK I've been working to promote good governance in the Wikimedia movement, particularly by organising training workshops for chapter board members. I stepped down from the board in July 2016, after 5 years and not being eligible to stand again.

I'm also the author of a Meta-wiki essay on the dynamics of the relationship between the Wikimedia Foundation and the rest of the movement.

In the rest of life[edit]

Professionally, I'm a charity fundraiser. Currently I work for the National Deaf Children's Society. I've worked for a wide range of charities, and before that I was a staff member for the Liberal Democrat party from 2002-2010. (Being involved in so many voluntary organisations for so long has definitely helped me navigate the various challenges of being on the Wikimedia UK baord!)

I'm married, I play the violin, and have a cat (note to self: upload images of cat) Done

Contact details[edit]

If you want to contact me you are welcome to email me (at chriskeatingwiki (all one word) at gmail dot com) or tweet @chriskeating. Usually I'm quicker to see emails than I am to see messages on my talk page.


Link to list of stuff for personal reference

Barnstars, userboxes and so on (partial)[edit]

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
This barnstar is awarded in recognition of your patient and indefatigable labours on behalf of the Maritime warfare task force, and in particular for your work on Battleship. Please be assured that your efforts are appreciated. Regards, John Moore 309 15:57, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

For detecting an error in the citations I proved during the A-class review for USS Kentucky (BB-66) I herby award you the WikiChevrons. Congrats! TomStar81 (Talk) 23:54, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

BritishMuseum-barnstar.png The British Museum barnstar
Thank you for all your help with Hoxne Hoard. Witty Lama 23:51, 27 June 2010 (UTC)
The Sandwich of Exceptional Excellence (Potato Salad of Congenitality cluster, 1st. Class) In Panis, Veritas.
  1. ^ Though this was a fork rather than a completely new article