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Ascension Web Presence Creation, LLC
Industry Media/ Internet
Founded 2010
Headquarters Eureka, California
Key people
President Ian Petersen, Vice President Christopher Flaherty, Head of Research & Development Alexander Spencer

Ascension Web Presence Creation, LLC is an Internet marketing company located in northern California. The company was founded in 2010 by Mr. Petersen and Mr. Flaherty.[1] The company works with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook to bring relevant search traffic to a handpicked group of advertisers. To achieve this they have a technical staff that are all Microsoft Certified Professionals.[2]

Products & Services[edit]

Flat Rate Search Engine Placement: Ascension offers a service which allows people with no technical experience, computer skills or knowledge to have a hands-off experience with their Search Engine advertising that only requires payment and desired keywords from the individual.

P.P.C. Campaign Management: Ascension offers Pay Per Click campaign management for businesses both small and large with various packaging deals set by budget size.

Social Network Campaign Management: Ascension offers campaign management on the Social Network of as well.

In-Depth Phone Consultation: Ascension offers phone consultation with its Microsoft Certified Professionals at an hourly rate for individuals who wish to have experienced technicians at their arms length.


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