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Each subsection is in chronological order (oldest contributions are at the top:)

Original Contributions[edit]

Articles started[edit]

  1. Cam Gordon (My city council representative, notable enough I think. My first article on Wikipedia.)
  2. United States House of Representatives, Minnesota District 5 (I live in here.)
  3. Minneapolis South High School (My alma mater. I also merged the existing content from South High School and made it a disambiguation page.)
  4. Donald Sterling (Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.)
  5. Recovered memory therapy (Based off of a high school research paper on the subject.)
  6. Minneapolis, North Carolina (Got tired of seeing the redlink. Very difficult to find more information...)
  7. Al Askari Mosque (I created this article a few hours after the bombing and watched it grow and evolve that day. Unbelievable.)
  8. Corcoran, Minneapolis (Home of my high school (above.))
  9. Vectorman 2 (A great video game, a sequel to an equally fabulous game.)
  10. Assad Abdul-Khaliq (Quarterback for the U of MN football team, now playing for the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League.)
  11. Freedom Magazine (An apparently very notable publication by the Church of Scientology.)
  12. Milio's Sandwiches (A fast-food chain in my area.)
  13. Matt Kinney (Formerly a pitcher for my favorite baseball team.)
  14. Stadium Village, Minneapolis (Next to where I live.)
  15. Mifflin Street Block Party (One of the largest festivals in the Midwest United States. I'm amazed it didn't have an article.)

Major expansions or repairs[edit]

  1. Prospect Park, Minneapolis (Lived here basically my entire life.)
  2. United States House of Representatives, Michigan District 1 (I've been to the Upper Peninsula once.)
  3. 9/11 conspiracy theories (Did a massive cleanup of this article.)
  4. Symbol support vote.svg History of the Portuguese Communist Party (Copyedit of the whole article, right before it was promoted to Good Article status.)
  5. Charles Ogletree (Wrote almost the entirety of this article on a random troubled Harvard professor.)
  6. Alex Machacek (Stepped right in the middle of a dispute about this article, took it on myself to improve it and expand it.)


New Articles[edit]

Featured Article Translations[edit]

  1. Symbol unsupport vote.svg Catarina Eufémia (A fascinating story. Featured article on the Portuguese Wikipedia.)
  2. Symbol support vote.svg Museum of the Portuguese Language (Featured article on the Portuguese Wikipedia.)
  3. Mariano Procópio Museum (Featured article on the Portuguese Wikipedia, on extended hiatus.)

Other Articles from the Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Xuan Bello (Asturian language writer and champion.)
  2. Martín López-Vega (Asturian and Spanish language poet.)
  3. Xandru Fernández (Asturian language writer.)
  1. Andecha Astur (Spanish political party.)
  2. España 2000 (Spanish political party.)
  3. Izquierda Asturiana (Spanish political party.)
  4. Izquierda Castellana (Spanish political party. Creating this article was also my 1000th edit!!)
  5. Partido Liberal Mexicano (Mexican political party.)
  6. Sí Cumple (Peruvian political party.)

Other Articles from the Portuguese Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Carlos Aboim Inglez (Portuguese communist activist.)
  2. Eduardo Valente da Fonseca (Portuguese writer.)
  3. Francisco Miguel Duarte (Portuguese communist writer.)
  4. Maria Luísa Vilão Palma (Portuguese politician.)
  5. António Vicente Campinas (Portuguese poet.)
  6. Zuenir Ventura (Brazilian journalist and writer.)
  7. Mario Sergio Conti (Brazilian journalist.)
  8. Alice Vieira (Portuguese children's book author.)
  9. Carmona Rodrigues (The current mayor of Lisbon! Didn't have an article...)
  10. Manuel Maria Carrilho (Portuguese politician.)
  11. Rui Rio (Current mayor of Porto.)
  12. José Norton de Matos (Portuguese historical figure and renaissance man.)
  13. Mário Lino (Portuguese politician.)
  14. Nuno Severiano Teixeira (Portuguese politician.)
Portuguese Parish Stubs[edit]
  1. Foz do Douro (Parish of Porto.)
  2. Sé (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  3. Vitória (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  4. Santo Ildefonso (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  5. São Nicolau (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  6. Ramalde (Parish of Porto.)
  7. Nevogilde (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  8. Miragaia (Porto) (Parish of Porto.)
  9. São Nicolau (Lisbon) (Parish of Lisbon.)
  10. Aguiar de Sousa (Parish of Paredes.)
  11. Astromil (Parish of Paredes.)
  12. Baltar (Paredes) (Parish of Paredes.)
  13. Beire (Paredes) (Parish of Paredes.)
  14. Besteiros (Paredes) (Parish of Paredes.)
  15. Bitarães (Parish of Paredes.)
  16. Castelões de Cepeda (Parish of Paredes.)
  17. Baleizão (Parish of Beja.)
  18. Cristelo (Paredes) (Parish of Paredes.)
  19. Duas Igrejas (Paredes) (Parish of Paredes.)
  20. Amareleja (Parish of Moura.)
  1. São Nicolau (Rio Grande do Sul) (City of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.)
  1. Humanist Party of Solidarity (Brazil) (Brazilian political party.)
  2. Progressive Republican Party (Brazil) (Brazilian political party.)
  3. Federalist Party (Brazil) (Brazilian political party. Deleted on AfD through my own nomination.)
  4. Supreme Electoral Court (Brazil) (Brazilian court.)
  5. Regional Electoral Court (Brazil) (Brazilian court.)
  6. Movement for the Sick (Portuguese political party.)
  1. Prêmio Jabuti (Brazilian literary award.)

Stub expansion[edit]

From Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Tegucigalpa (Major expansion of the article for the capital of Honduras.)

From Portuguese Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Paredes (Small expansion of article for a municipality in Porto district.)

Articles on Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English[edit]


  1. Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá (Costa Rican national stadium.)
  2. Sunburst (comics) (Comic book character.)
  3. National University of the South (University in Argentina.)
  4. Chimbarongo (A village... Somewhere.)


  1. Affonso Romano de Sant'Anna (Brazilian writer.)
  2. Pesqueira (City in Pernambuco, Brazil.)
  3. Pedreira (Felgueiras) (Portuguese municipality)