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Hello, I'm the Nature Guy. As my user name suggests, I appreciate nature, and hope that we can conserve our Earth's beauty for generations to come. You will find that most of my Wikipedia edits are about nature, technology, space/astronomy, geology/paleontology, music or photography.


As I have said above, my edits will be mainly about the following things...


I enjoy birding, and I am constantly adding to my life list. The birds that I am most proud of seeing are the Belted Kingfisher, and Greater Roadrunner.


I consider myself a tech guy. Why else would I love to edit Wikipedia?


I own both a 4 inch refractor telescope and an 8 inch Schmidt-Newtonian telescope. Orion the Hunter is by far my favorite constellation, as it is a beauty to the un-aided eye, and contains other gems seen through the telescope, such as the Orion's Nebula and the Horsehead Nebula. This was one of the first constellations I learned when I was introduced to astronomy years ago.


I have a collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils, and I have been to Delta, Utah to dig for trilobites.


I enjoy jazz, and play, the piano, clarinet, and saxophone. I also recently took up flute.


I own a Samsung Digimax v700 and a Canon S3 IS. I recently purchase a Nikon D80, with a Nikon 18-55 mm kit lens and 70-300mm VR lens.


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