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The Sage of Stamford
This editor is a Yeoman Editor and is entitled to display this Service Badge.

I have been editing as the Sage of Stamford since March 2008. My Wikipedia name was chosen a loose tribute to the Sage of Omaha, substituting an alliterative English placename.

Wikipedia Interests[edit]

Other than correcting grammatical solecisms and linguistic infelicities (which could occur in any article I alight upon) my main contributions to date relate to (i) academics, particularly classicists, of the University of Cambridge and related subject matter and (ii) Roman Catholic bishops and other clergy.

Articles created or substantially edited[edit]

Articles started or with major edits include:

Cambridge related[edit]





Catholic related[edit]


Planned Articles[edit]

I have articles in various stages of preparation on:

Articles for deletion[edit]

I successfully campaigned for the removal of the article on Nicky Blair, but failed in my campaign against his brother Euan Blair, although I continue to maintain that the arguments advanced in favour of retention are specious and contrary to the principles of Wikipedia; a battle to be resumed in due course.