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Flag of Greece.svg This user is of Greek ancestry.
MODIS - Great Britain and Ireland - 2012-06-04 during heat wave.jpg This user believes that the word “British”, while it does not denote a single nation, pertains to anyone related to any of the British Isles.
T This user identifies as a Traditionalist and does not support any political party
Crown of George XII of Georgia.jpeg This user is a Monarchist. British Sovereigns Orb.jpg
Cleric-Knight-Workman.jpg This user is a Feudalist. Rolandfealty.jpg
Cross crown window.jpg This user is an Antidisestablishmentarian.
Europe-United Kingdom (1921).svg This user believes that the Irish seceders should return to the United Kingdom.
Queen Anne in the House of Lords.jpg This user believes that the Parliament Act 1911, the Life Peerages Act 1958, the House of Lords Act 1999 and specific provisions of the Peerage Act 1963 should be repealed.
Evola-40.jpg This user admires the works of Julius Evola.
Evola-40.jpg This user supports Julius Evola′s theory of Involution.
Aleister Crowley.jpg This user admires the works of Aleister Crowley.
Rene-guenon-1925.jpg This user admires most of the works of René Guénon.
Thomas Carlyle lm.jpg This user admires most of the works of Thomas Carlyle.
James Anthony Froude by Sir George Reid.jpg This user admires the works of James Anthony Froude.
Anthony Ludovici.png This user is interested in the works of Anthony Ludovici.
Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche.jpg This user respects the works of Friedrich Nietzsche but prefers a theistic approach to the Übermensch theory.
Saint-Yves d-Alveydre.jpg This user respects Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre but approaches Synarchy as a primarily mystical concept.
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R06610, Oswald Spengler.jpg This user likes some of the works of Oswald Spengler.
Roman Ungern von Sternberg.jpg This user believes that Roman von Ungern-Sternberg was one of the greatest men of the 20th century.
Joris Karl Huysmans.jpg This user admires Joris-Karl Huysmans.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Beata Beatrix, 1864-1870.jpg This user admires the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (and all associated and loosely associated figures). Clytemnestra by John Collier, 1882.jpg
Percy Bysshe Shelley by Alfred Clint crop.jpg This user admires many poets who held different political views than he does, because they were magnificent poets. And they were Traditionalists, in an aesthetic sense. Temple of British Worthies John Milton.jpg
Revolutionary Joyce Better Contrast.jpg This user believes that many writers who were Modernists in form, were Traditionalists in essence. George Charles Beresford - Virginia Woolf in 1902 - Restoration.jpg
Square compasses.svg This user believes that Freemasonry is Liberal in practice but Traditionalist in character.
Rose Cross Lamen.svg This user admires the Golden Dawn.
Meandros flag.svg This user hates the Golden Dawn.
Gabriele D'Anunnzio.png This user dislikes Fascism but feels the need to defend some brilliant people who were misled and joined Fascist parties. Ezra Pound 1963.jpg
Battle of Naseby.jpg This user despises the Roundheads. Oliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper.jpg
Battle of Trenton by Charles McBarron.jpg This user despises the American Revolution. Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg
Prise de la Bastille.jpg This user despises the French Revolution. Robespierre.jpg
Giuseppe Garibaldi (1866).jpg This user despises the Risorgimento. Camillo Benso Cavour di Ciseri.jpg
id1 This user despises the whole of the Russian Revolution. Alexander Kerensky LOC 24416.jpg
Turkish infantryman during the War of Independence.jpg This user despises the Turkish Revolution. Atatürk.jpg
Francesco Hayez - Portrait of Alessandro Manzoni - WGA11214.jpg This user knows how to respect people he opposes. BenFranklinDuplessis.jpg
Human-emblem-money.svg This user loathes, hates and firmly rejects Capitalism. McKinley Prosperity.jpg
Karl Marx 001.jpg This user rejects but respects Marxism. He also thinks that Leninism is silly. Lenin-1895-mugshot.jpg
Cecil Rhodes ww.jpg This user is against Colonialism, but... Lord Milner.jpg
Collier 1891 rudyard-kipling.jpg ...has to admit that he is charmed by Colonial Romanticism. Earl Roberts of Kandahar.jpg
Engels.jpg This user has to admit that he was raised by Communists. Rosa Luxemburg.jpg
Ayn Rand.jpg This user has to admit that he sometimes finds the writings of people he completely disagrees with, to be very entertaining. FilippoTommasoMarinetti.jpg
CON This user has to admit that he once immaturely supported the Conservatives.
UKIP This user has to admit that he once immaturely supported UKIP.