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I'm just not interested any longer. Ever since my last RfA, no hard feelings intended to any of the opposers, I haven't felt the desire to edit anymore, I haven't felt useful, and I don't foresee that desire ever coming back. That, and my firmly established focus on my schoolwork and other things, leads me to retire, permanently. I wish you all good luck in the fight against vandalism. If you ever need to contact me, I will still be on IRC as "The_Thing". As of this writing, I have scrambled my password, and deleted my email address.

Here are some links that I thought you might still find useful... User:The Thing That Should Not Be/CustomHuggle, a brief explanation of my custom version of Huggle. User:The Thing That Should Not Be/4chan, my advice on how to deal with 4chan raids. User:The Thing That Should Not Be/Scripts, a list of the scripts that I used, compatible with the monobook skin.

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