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The majoity of major political parties in Europe have aligned themselves into the pan-European political organisations listed below.

The following chart summarizes the placement of parties from the 29 EU and EFTA states in these organizations. (The remainder of European states, generally speaking, lack a consolidated party system and are thus excluded at present.) Only parties represented in national parliaments or the European Parliament are included, while independents have been omitted. Please note that great ideological diversity can be found in most pan-European organizations, and individual country rows may not correspond with the heuristic left-right spectrum commonly used within its own political discourse.

Country NonFreeImageRemoved.svg Nordic
Green Left
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg NonFreeImageRemoved.svg NonFreeImageRemoved.svg NonFreeImageRemoved.svg European
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg NonFreeImageRemoved.svg
(Green Leftist)
Standalone parties
of the left
(Leftist Autonomist)
(Social Dem.)
(Liberal Dem. & Ref.)
Standalone parties
of the centre
(Christian Dem.)
Standalone parties
of the right
 Austria Austrian Green Pty Soc. Dem. Pty Austrian Ppl's Pty

All. Fut. Austria

  • Flanders
Spirit Green! Soc. Pty - Diff. Lib. Dem. Chr. Dem. & Flemish
  • Wallonia
Ecolo Soc. Pty Ref. Mvmt Ctzns' Mvmt for Change Humanist Dem. Ctr.
 Cyprus Prog. Pty Wrk Ppl Ecol. & Env. Mvmt Mvmt for Soc. Dem. Utd. Dem. N. Horizons Dem. Rally Fighting Dem. Mvmt
 Czech Republic Comm. Pty of B & M Green Pty Soc. Dem. Pty Civ. Dem. All. Path of Change Frdm. Un - Dem. Un. Chr. Dem. Un. - Ppl's Pty Civ. Dem. Pty
 Denmark Soc. Ppl's Pty Soc. Dem. Venstre
Rad. Lib. Pty
Con. Ppl's Pty
 Estonia Soc. Dem. Pty Ctr Pty
Estonian Ref. Pty
Ppl's Un. Pro Patria Un.
Un. for Rep.
 Finland Left All. Green Lg Soc. Dem. Ctr Pty
Swedish Ppl's Pty
Nat'l Cltn Pty
Chr. Dem.
True Finns
 France Comm. Pty Greens Soc. Pty Un. French Dem. Un. Pop. Mvmt.
 Germany Left Pty Lab. & Soc. Just. Pty All. 90/Greens Soc. Dem. Pty Free Dem. Pty Chr. Dem. Un.
Chr. Soc. Un.
 Greece Cltn of the Left Panhellenic Soc. Mvmt. New Dem.
 Hungary Hungarian Soc. Pty All. Free Dem. Hungarian Civ. Un.
Hungarian Dem. Forum
 Iceland Left Green Mvmt Social Democratic Alliance Progressive Pty
Lib. Pty
Ind. Pty
 Ireland Soc. Pty Green Pty Lab. Pty Prog. Dem. Fine Gael
 Italy Comm. Ref. Pty
Pty of Italian Comm.
Valdotanian Un. Fed. of Greens Left-Wing Dem.
Italian Dem. Soc.
Italian Rad.
Italy of Values
Euro. Rep. Mvmt
Italian Rep. Pty
Margherita Forza Italia
Dem. Ctr. Un.
Pop. All.-UDEUR
S. Tyrolese Ppl's Pty
Pensioner's Pty
 Latvia Nat'l Harmony Pty Soc. Pty
Green Pty Soc. Dem. Wrkr's Pty Latvian Way Farmers' Un. New Era
Ppl's Pty
Latvia First Pty
 Liechtenstein Free List Prog. Ctzn's Pty
Patriotic Un.
 Lithuania Soc. Dem. Pty Lib. & Ctr. Un.
N. Un. - Soc. Lib.
Lab. Pty Homeland Un.
 Luxembourg The Left The Greens Soc. Wrkrs' Pty Dem. Pty Chr. Soc. Ppl's Pty Actn Ctte for Just.
 Malta Lab. Pty Nat'lst Pty
 Netherlands Green Left Lab. Pty Ppl's Pty Frdm & Dem.
Dem. 66
Chr. Dem. Appeal List Pim Fortuyn
 Norway Soc. Left Pty Norwegian Lab. Pty Venstre Ctr Pty Cons. Pty
Chr. Ppl's Pty
Progress Pty
 Poland Dem. Left All.
Soc. Dem. Pty
Lab. Un.
Dem. Pty Citzns Plat.
Polish Peas. Pty
 Portugal Leftwing Bloc The Greens Soc. Pty Soc. Dem. Pty Ppl's Pty
 Slovakia Comm. Pty Direction All. N. Citizen Slovak Dem. & Chr. Un.
Chr. Dem. Mvmt
Pty of Hungarian Cltn
 Slovenia Soc. Dem. Lib. Dem. N. Slov. Chr. Ppl's Pty
Slovenian Dem. Pty
Slovenian Ppl's Pty
Dem. Pty of Pensioners
  • (excl. Catalonia)
Utd Left Basque Solidarity
Galician Nat'lst Bloc
Aragonese Council
Confed. of Greens Spanish Soc. Wrkr's Pty Basque Nat'lst Pty Canarian Coalition Ppl's Pty
  • Catalonia
Utd & Alt. Left Rep. Left of Catalonia Init. for Cat./Greens Spanish Soc. Wrkr's Pty Dem. Convergence Ppl's Pty
Dem. Un.
 Sweden Left Pty Green Pty Soc. Dem. Pty Lib. Ppl's Pty
Ctr Pty
Moderate Uty Pty
Chr. Dem.
  Switzerland Swiss Lab. Pty Solidarities
Alt. List
Chr. Soc. Pty
Green Pty Soc. Dem. Pty Free Dem. Pty Lib Pty Chr. Dem. Ppl's Pty
Evangelical Ppl's Pty
Swiss Ppl's Pty
Fed. Dem. Un.
Swiss Dem.
Ticino League
 United Kingdom
  • Great Britain
Respect Scottish Nat'lst Pty
Plaid Cymru
Green Pty Lab. Pty Lib. Dem. Cons. Pty
 United Kingdom
  • Northern Ireland
Soc. Dem. & Lab. Pty Ulster Unst Pty


  • Standalone parties with representation in the European Parliament are coloured by the parliamentary group in which they sit. These are:
  • The "Standalone parties of the political centre" column includes some single-interest parties that claim to draw support from all across the spectrum.
  • † indicates the party has observer status within transnational organization
  • National parties are sorted by the alignment adopted by the party's leadership; in some cases MEPs have chosen to sit in different groups within the EP.