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Hi! Bonjour! Buenos dias! Ni hao! I am the Triple M (who was born in South Korea), and I enjoy playing music (jazz, rock, and classical) on my piano or violin. I enjoy reading fiction novels that are as thick as five hundred pages, and I occasionally play an architecture game called Minecraft.

My primary objective on this website is to help Wikipedia grow. I have just started vandal patrol recently, but I usually add information on some pages at least once a week. I'm glad that I can make a little difference in Wikipedia, and maybe other new editors can be convinced, too.

Early Life[edit]

When I was about 3 or 4, I lived in my home country, South Korea, in 1988. I lived with my parents and my one year old sister in an apartment. When I was 5, we went to the Philippines and I learned English there. Once I was about 6, I moved to Florida here in the USA. I lived there for a while, going to school, making friends and such. When I was about 12 though, my family decided to move again to Montreal, Quebec in Canada. I had to learn French there for a while, and when I was 16, I got a full scholarship at MIT in Massachusetts.


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