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Welcome!!!Face-grin.svg Wikiball.svg[edit]

Before you go ahead, please read through my pathetic excuse for a Wikisong:

He wants be the very best
Like no one ever was
To wiki edit is his real test
To contribute content is his cause...
He'll travel across the Net
Searching far and wide (for a source)
Each Wikipedian must understand
The Wikpedia is our pride...
'The Wikimon', you're right that's me
I know its my destiny
'The Wikimon' oh, he's gonna be your best friend
Cause Wikipedia we must defend...
A mind so fast, a heart so true
My comic timing will pull you through...
You teach me and I'll teach you
We're gonna Wiki 'em all!!!
-The Wikimon

You have just entered the abode of The Wikimon... Don't even try to find me location on our Wikidex, I'm a Legendary Editor...

{Ok Its like this, I'm a big Pokemon Fan, and so all this humbug... Still don't get my gimmicks, go check up What I Mean}

A joker by profession, I am delighted to be a part of Wikipedia and contribute in my small little way!!! I follow the simple policy of WeniWidiWki: I Came, I saw, I Wikied! Oh and before I forget, I came across something that really caught my attention, an Administrator and in true Pokemon fashion, I would like to evolve into one!!!

Here's Something fun for you to look at... I'll be reaching my 100th edit soon so cheer me on!!

  1. My Very 1st Post
  2. The WikiDiary

I Spy with my Eye[edit]

These are the articles that I have in Mind and would like to create, and if I find that someone has stolen them and already created articles... Oh you're in for it!

Wikipedia vandalism information

Level 1

Very high level of vandalism.


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