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I am a Lawyer with an electrical engineering background. I have an interest in Bridge and other mental games.

When I was heavily involved with wikipedia, I tracked these articles:

  • Kettering University -- which was in horrible shape at one point, but is now much, much better.
  • Zar Points -- which I authored (I still think it sucks though.)
  • Austrian School -- This article is in major need of repair; it seems that some people have an ax to grind with Austrians and with the LvMI in particular. As a result, if articles like this are not constantly monitored they slowly decay and turn to crap. This article was once much better thanks to helpful editors. Unfortunately it has deteriorated and needs heavy work. If you are familiar with the history of economic thought, the epistemology of economics, or the Austrian School in general, please continue to help.

I say "was" above because I have become disillusioned with Wikipedia and much less involved than I used to be. This place is overrun with trolls who are not out to provide accurate information, but are out to promote an agenda. These people make malicious edits, request deletions of articles with information they do not like, and otherwise generally degrade the quality of this site. Unfortunately, the current mechanisms set up to deal with the trolls are grossly inadequate. In fact, whenever I point out that an account is being used to troll, I am frequently attacked by others for "getting personal" instead of dealing with substance.

This critique is absurd and those who hold it have allowed a small group of misanthropes to hijack the agenda of Wikipedia. Every time one of these trolls tries to delete and article or makes a malicious edit, someone has to take the time to prove that they were wrong and to fix it. More disturbingly, the trolls can only be kept at bay for so long before they are successful. See, e.g. Per Byland's blog post on the topic.

The correct solution is to start documenting who these people are, and respond by ignoring them and summarily rejecting their edits, delete requests, and the like. Since the rest of the wiki-denizens disagree with me, and in fact get upset whenever I point out that someone is a troll, I have decided to simply cease improving articles. If Wikipedia loses enough good people in this manner, things will change. Until then, best of luck to the rest of you.