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The Story... according to the Ruggedly Handsome Pig-Tamer[edit]

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She lived in an upstairs palace near a village. One day the princess went to the village in search of a pig. In the pig section of the village she met a ruggedly handsome pig-tamer. This pig tamer told her that the better pigs would be there in a week or two. The princess came to the pig section several times, as much to seek a pig as to see the ruggedly handsome pig-tamer. Finally, the pig she was waiting for came to the village. The princess was delighted, though the prospect of not seeing the ruggedly handsome pig-tamer threw a shadow over her day. One day, as she was leaving the village with another rather heavy purchase, the ruggedly handsome pig-tamer came to her rescue and carried the item to her awaiting carriage. After this encounter, the ruggedly handsome pig-tamer invited the princess to watch him compete in a joust. The joust was a success for the ruggedly handsome pig-tamer and the princess swooned for him and decided to immediately join him in his hovel outside of his village...

Thus is the story of how a princess (me) went to Walmart (The Village) for a camera (pig) and met the department manager (the self titled Ruggedly Handsome Pig-Tamer) in his photo lab. The Pig-Tamer himself told me this story one night and I thought it was worth sharing!!

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