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Good article nominations

Wikipedia articles improved to C-class, and then B-class status may be submitted to the peer review process to receive ideas and feedback from other editors.

Upon successful completion of the peer review, an article can be nominated for GA-Class (Good Article) status.

A good article is...

1. Well written: Prose and layout are clear, and comply with certain aspects of the Manual of Style (MOS); in particular, the lead is a concise summary of the article.
2. Accurate and verifiable: Reliable sources are provided, and cited where necessary.
3. Broad: It covers the main aspects of the topic without going into unnecessary detail. It is encyclopedic.
4. Neutral: It represents viewpoints fairly and without bias.
5. Stable: It does not change significantly from day-to-day.
6. Illustrated: if possible and relevant, by images with acceptable copyright status, fair use rationales where necessary, and succinct captions.

In turn, good articles are eligible for being submitted as candidates for FA-Class (Featured Article) status.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}


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