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My name is Bryce Peake.

This is me.

In Fall 2015, I'll be an assistant professor of media and communication studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I have a PhD in Communication and Society from the University of Oregon, where I received graduate certificates in Women's & Gender Studies and New Media & Culture. I have an MA in Cultural Production (Anthropology/Philosophy) from Brandeis University and a BMus in Music Performance from Eastern Illinois University.

I am deeply committed to equality and the inclusion of women in open knowledge, traditionally dominated by histories of white men written by other white men (for use by… white men). This includes adding articles about women into Wikipedia itself, and facilitating events where diverse users outside of the Wikipedian demographic can learn to edit articles on Wikipedia in a safe space.

I am currently on the international advisory board for Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience [1]. Previously, I was the webmistress for Fembot Collective and sat on the advisory board for Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology. I also wrote for the men's feminist satire/humor site Modern Primate.

I spend my spare time editing wikipedia, learning new board games, and playing upright bass.

Yearly WikiActivity

Each year, I focus on long term writing projects that revolve around International Women's History month/day. While I'm still editing other content, these projects occupy most of my wiki time.


As a new assistant prof of media and communication at University of Maryland Baltimore County, I'll be teaching my students to edit Wikipedia using institutional resources about historical student publications during the civil rights movement.


In light of the recent Obama Administration Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, 2014-2015 will be spent adding information to US College and University wikipedia pages about ongoing and previous Title IX and Clery Act investigations by the ED Office of Civil Rights.


This year was dedicated to re-writing Feminist anthropology. The article still needs some love (particularly from biological anthropologists!), but is much better than when I found it.

Articles I've written

Articles I've edited substantially

Resources for new editors

  • video on how to edit wikipedia!
  • video on writing an article in your sandbox.

My WikiProject Participation

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