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Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 22639
Edits+Deleted 25954
Pages deleted 8645
Revisions deleted 87
Logs/Events deleted 1
Pages restored 62
Pages protected 370
Pages unprotected 16
Protections modified 95
Users blocked 336
Users reblocked 31
Users unblocked 17
User rights modified 73
Users created 161
Abuse filters modified 7
Hi there, I started off on Wikipedia as a newbie, like any other. On November 25, 2008 I became a voluntary janitor for Wikipedia and now carry out many administrative tasks to help keep the wiki running, including deleting and protecting pages, performing blocks and unblocks and helping out the users on Wikipedia (which you don't have to be an admin to do).

I encourage you to leave a message on my talk page if you have any comments, questions, concerns or requests for help. I hope you enjoy using Wikipedia, and decide to stay, if you do, please consider creating an account.

I've created some accounts that are doppelgängers:Theunhelpfulone, Helpfulone, TheHelpfulone2, The Helpful One, TheHelpfulOne and Thehelpfulone1, but I do not, and have not edited under any alternate account other than my approved bot account, Thehelpfulbot. Thehelpfulone

My contributions

So you might be wondering what exactly I do around here on Wikipedia. Well, I help out in quite a few places:

Helping out on IRC

For those of you that use IRC or have never used it before, you can feel free to message on the freenode network. This is the network that Wikimedia uses (un-officially) and we have many channels on this network. If you would like to know more about the network please read this and if you wish to support the network, see this page. So what do I do on IRC? Well, I'm a 'channel operator' for many Wikimedia and other channels, which means that I make sure that everything is in order - no spamming, trolling or canvassing allowed! Any users that abuse the channels may be quietened or banned (like an administrator blocks users on Wikipedia) for a specific period of time. If you require any help from me or any Wikimedia Channel Operators, feel free to join #wikimedia-ops connect where we will try to answer any queries you may have.

Contact me
  • Talk page: User talk:Thehelpfulone (Publicly Viewable)
  • Email Me: Special:EmailUser/Thehelpfulone (Private, though I might release the email to public if it is spam etc.)
  • IRC nicks: Thehelpfulone, Thehelpfulone_ or Thehelpfulone2
    • Channels where you are most likely to find me include: #wikipedia connect, #wikipedia-en connect, #wikimedia-ops connect, #wikipedia-en-help connect, ##Thehelpfulone connect and #wikimedia-stewards connect on the freenode IRC network.
    • If you can't recognise me, I will always have the cloak: @wikimedia/Thehelpfulone.