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About me

Well, hello there! My name is theinstantmatrix, and this is my new user page you are now seeing, based on the user pages of the Wikimedia Foundation staff accounts. You'll most likely find me reverting vandalism using the MediaWiki's [rollback: more than 9000 edits] function, not to be confused with Twinkle's [rollback (VANDAL)]. When I'm not doing any anti-vandalism work, I do other things such as fixing errors on random articles I'm reading, and moving local media onto Wikimedia Commons, sometimes from other language wikis as well.


I officially joined Wikipedia on late July 2017, originally to revert this nonconstructive edit on an article about a video game called EarthBound. Before that, however, I was a long-time reader of Wikipedia, often looking onto random articles, especially video game articles. I also look in onto Wikia, and basically any other popular wikis I can look into, such as a popular game wiki related to Minecraft, or another one related to Terraria. After that first edit, I eventually found myself reverting vandalism using Twinkle, and now here I am; a long-time reader, learning editor and vandal fighter.

— Wikipedian —
Name d39 - theinstantmatrix
Nationality American
Country United States
Languages English
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
Current time Current time for UTC-5 is 11:39
Account statistics
Joined 22:56, 22 July 2017 (UTC)
Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svgThis user has created a global account. Theinstantmatrix's main account is on Wikipedia (in English).

Namespace Wikipedia.1.svgThis user is not an administrator and has no desire to be one.

This user's standard time zone is UTC-5, but is forced to use UTC-4 during summer.

This user contributes to the
Wikimedia Commons.

Operation Castle - Romeo 001.jpgKaboom!! Oh, that was just this user obliterating vandals, nothing to worry about. Except if you're the vandal.

PleaseHello, please don't vandalize me...

wd-2WikiDefcon Level is High.
7.17 RPM according to EnterpriseyBot

Digital world
This user contributes using both Chrome and Firefox.

Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.

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Windows 10 and Linux.

Farm-Fresh film delete.png This user doesn't like movies a lot, but has interest in some movies.

ジブリThis user is a Studio Ghibli fan.

This user has been Spirited Away.
千尋 · ハク

Video games

N (+PS) (+XBOX)This user believes that Pokémon video games should not remain exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

This user is against
digital restrictions management.

This user believes that everything is a remix, and that nothing is truly original.

Useful links[edit]

  • I try to do the right thing. Do you something to say to me? Go to my talk page and post a new message. Remember to sign your comments using only 4 tildes, or by clicking the signature icon () once you are done composing your message.
  • Want to use my userboxes I've created? See my userboxes subpage. Both transclusions and substitutions are supported.
  • See my list of long-term abuse cases here.
  • Please note that I am not an administrator, nor do I plan to be one. You can use this tool to check recently active English Wikipedia administrators.
  • Looking for a file to transfer to Wikimedia Commons? Try this link: Special:RandomInCategory/Self-published work.
  • Note: Call me "theinstantmatrix", not with the capital "T". This is due to a technical restriction where all page names and titles must begin with a capital letter, and as a result, must also require users that they start with a capital letter as well.

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The {{Pronunciation needed}} template shows as [pronunciation?] and is used to request the audio or textual pronunciation. This template puts pages into Category:Articles needing pronunciation.

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High level of vandalism. 7.17 RPM according to EnterpriseyBot 14:01, 21 September 2018 (UTC)

Pending changes information[edit]

>Very high pending changes backlog: 27 pages according to DatBot as of 16:34, 21 September 2018 (UTC)

Current time, date, and year[edit]

Today is Friday, September 21, 12018 HE, and the current time is 16:39 (UTC/GMT). There are currently 5,720,175 articles.(out of date? click to purge)


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The Wikipedia Adventure
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Disclosure: I formerly edited under a previous username Instantmatter49. I didn't like that name, however, so I requested a name change to my current name and I've recreated my old account name to prevent impersonation.