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Through The Desert With TheLastFetusDying NIN(Nine Inch Nails)[edit]

NIN Is A American Industrial Rock Band Founded In 1988 By The Vocals The Band Is Fucking Great Through Sound Like A Bitch Losing His Voice The Is Still Fucking Great Really Though There One Band Member. Next Week iWill Talk About Constance Marie From The George Lopez Show, George Lopez. Also See George Lopez Or The George Lopez Show

iWill Defeat Dethzone


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Fave People & More[edit]

  1. Tim Lambesis - Vocals
  2. Jordan Mancino - Drums
  3. Phil Sgrosso - Rhythm Guitar
  4. Nick Hipa - Lead Guitar
  5. Josh Gilbert - Bass
  6. Clint Norris - Bass
  7. The Devil Wears Prada - Christian Hardcore, Christian Metalcore,
  8. Demon Hunter - Christian Metal, Alternative Metal,
  9. Rammstein - Tanz Metall, Industrial Metal,
  10. Avenged Sevenfold - Southern Rock, Metalcore,
  11. Dethklok - Medolic Death Metal, Death Metal,
  12. Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Deathcore,
  13. Flyleaf - Alternative Metal,
  14. Nathan Explosion - Vocals(On Metalocalypse)
  15. Pickles - Drums(On Metalocalypse)
  16. Metalocalypse - Black Animated Comedy,
  17. Happy Tree Friends - Black Comedy
  18. Toki Wartooth - Rhythm Guitar
  19. Drake & Josh - Comedy
  20. Trivium - Metalcore, Thrash Metal,
  21. Metallica - Speed Metal, Heavy Metal,
  22. Children of Bodom - Medolic Death Metal, Power Metal,
  23. Zombie College - Comedy(iThink)
  24. iCarly - Comedy
  25. Miranda Cosgrove - Actress

More Will Be Submitted.