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Greek philosophy is at the root of our civilisation, our understanding. Where would we be without Socrates, Plato?
Music is the closest thing we have to the divine.
Dreams are.... dreams

Don't force progression. It’s like sleep – the more you think about it, the less likely it’s going to happen.

Old + New = Future.

We're only repeating ourselves if we're afraid of repeating ourselves.

Question on beauty and intelligence[edit]

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Though this may not always apply on an everyday basis, intelligence is, on the whole, more morally valued than beauty. A visually attractive person is seen as 'lucky' to have been born that way, without any necessary merits. An intelligent human, on the other hand, is lauded as having something special. Why, then? Surely humans are born intelligent too, so it shouldn't be of merit.

...the excuse that intelligence is worked-for is not necessarily valid either. Models who spend their lives eating air, keeping themselves beautiful and trim also 'work for it', couldn't you say?

My personal interpretation is that though intelligence and beauty are genetic, intelligence is a quality which can be used to achieve much more in our society. Intelligence can be applied to benefit humanity, but how can beauty? Beauty may seem useless, but I disagree.