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Talk to me, I'm lonely

Odds and ends[edit]

Some random facts about me

  • I used to live in Sydney, Australia, but moved to Tokyo, Japan in early 2012.
  • My postcode used to be 2000
  • I finished my MBA in 2009.
  • I am sporadically working toward an Masters in Business Law.
    • I am not a lawyer.
  • I work for a software company in a field related to cars and money.
    • I cannot fix your computer.
    • I don't know much about cars.
  • In my youth, I was a keen cricketer and footballer.
    • I was not especially good at either sport.
    • These days I confine myself to observing the games and providing unsolicited advice.

Articles I'd like to improve;

Articles I'd like to steer away from;

  • Anything to do with climate change.

Key weakness;

  • Reading the talk pages of the climate change articles.

Things I'd like to do more of;

No more Climatic Research Unit email controversy for me[edit]

As of 2 May 2011, I've taken Climatic Research Unit email controversy of my watchlist, so I wont know what's going on there any longer. I've lost hope that anything good can come of that article. You can still read about some of my adventures there if you are so inclined, but to be honest I got bored with documenting them.

Boxes and things[edit]

This is my Sandpit. You can have a play too if you like.

Searching Wikipedia with regular expressions (regex)

To search all of Wikipedia using regex, you need to download the Wikipedia database and do the search offline with AutoWikiBrowser's Database Scanner. Activate it from the tools menu in AutoWikiBrowser (AWB). It returns the names of the pages that match your query, which you can have sent directly to AWB's list maker (then you can use AWB to view them all). The Database Scanner has many features, and each query can be easily configured to match, exclude, specify namespaces, ignore redirects, etc. as you see fit.

To a lesser extent, regex (regular expressions) can be used online to search Wikipedia in the following ways:

  • To search Wikipedia titles with regex, use Grep.
  • WikEd, the full-featured Wikipedia integrated text editor for Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome web browsers, can do regex searches within the current page (in the edit window). Enable WikEd from your user Preferences in Gadgets.
  • AutoWikiBrowser can do regex search/replaces, on a list of articles that you provide it.
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