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There is no Cabal

Фото кунов.jpg

There'sNoTime is[edit]

The internet is 95% eggshells armed with hammers
(the other 5% are hammer salesmen)
-- Floquenbeam
It's Wikipedia. You don't have to understand to have an opinion.
-- Natureium‎
Nothing will convince us more of your commitment to gender equality than you telling a woman to pipe down.
-- Gamaliel
I cannot tell if my stomach is making this weird noise or my fridge.
-- Praxidicae

Are you new?[edit]

If so, firstly welcome to Wikipedia! I'm really glad you've decided to contribute to this project Face-smile.svg There is a pretty big learning curve here, so you should spend some time reading through the below pages:

Bored? Need something to work on?[edit]

My Notes[edit]

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