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On this page are a small selection of the images I have created for wikipedia. All these images (and in fact all images I've made for wikipedia or wikibooks are released under the GFDL and the creative commons share alike licence. The earlier images were made using the drawing tools of Microsoft Word If you are interested in creating images like this see Wikipedia:How to draw a diagram with Microsoft Word. The later ones (speed of light onwards) were made using Serif DrawPlus 7. I have since moved on to inkscape.

Used in optical microscope (also used in the french wikipedia)
Originally drawn for the wikibooks GCSE science textbook. Used in Wikipedia in the BS1363 article
I was asked to create this image to illustrate why soap bubbles are so beautifully coloured.
Used in the potometer article.
Used in the signal generator article
Used in the Mirror galvanometer article
This is one of the images I created to illustrate the ripple tank article. There are more on the page.
Used in the fractional distillation article - I have a set of predrawn chemical apparatus that I use for this type of diagram. I can therefore knock this type of diagram out very quickly.
used in Titration
used in oil refinery
Used in playstation

Female cool as a cucumber.PNG
Cool as a cucumber.PNG
These two images are male and female cucumber people. They were created to be given as awards to people who have acted cool when the editing got hot

Images made in inkscape[edit]

Respiratory system.svg