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Contributions Date Class
HMCS Agassiz (K129) 7 July 2011 B-Class article B 
ALSIB 16 July 2012 C-Class article C 
Arctic Ocean operations of World War II 25 June 2012 B-Class list BL 
Army creole 22 January 2015  ??? 
Bangor and Aroostook Railroad 7 December 2007 Start-Class article Start 
Bath Iron Works 4 September 2008 C-Class article C 
Berlin Subdivision 12 May 2010 B-Class article B 
Biosolids 24 April 2015 Start-Class article Start 
Boiler blowdown 18 September 2012 Start-Class article Start 
Boiler water 3 November 2012 Start-Class article Start 
Boston Navy Yard 29 December 2009 C-Class article C 
Built-up gun 25 January 2010 Start-Class article Start 
Environment of California 17 May 2011 Start-Class article Start 
World War II ship camouflage measures of the United States Navy 2 December 2012 C-Class article C 
9mm Browning Long 5 February 2010 Start-Class article Start 
.45-60 Winchester 12 November 2014  ??? 
.45-75 Winchester 11 November 2014  ??? 
Naval Battle of Casablanca 15 December 2009 B-Class article B 
Cast bullet 11 February 2011 C-Class article C 
Centerfire ammunition 14 September 2010 Start-Class article Start 
HMCS Chambly (K116) 11 July 2011 B-Class article B 
Clarifier 27 October 2013  ??? 
Compartment (ship) 9 January 2014 B-Class article B 
List of World War II convoys 18 February 2008  List 
BX convoys 24 June 2013 B-Class article B 
CU convoys 16 June 2009 B-Class article B 
Hi convoys 17 November 2013 B-Class article B 
Convoy HX 300 26 June 2011 B-Class article B 
Operation Excess 15 August 2012 B-Class article B 
Cumberland and Oxford Canal 6 December 2007 B-Class article B 
Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships 25 February 2008 C-Class article C 
Destroyer leader 14 March 2014 C-Class article C 
Destroyer tender 24 March 2014 Stub-Class article Stub 
Project Eldest Son 5 May 2011 Start-Class article Start 
Fleet carrier 11 March 2014 Stub-Class article Stub 
100-year flood 9 April 2009 C-Class article C 
HMCS Galt (K163) 6 July 2011 B-Class article B 
Battle of Gela (1943) 13 March 2012 C-Class article C 
Greenland Patrol 6 August 2014 B-Class article B 
10.5 cm SK C/32 naval gun 18 June 2012 C-Class article C 
5"/51 caliber gun 29 February 2008 Start-Class article Start 
BL 6 inch Mk XXIII naval gun 16 January 2010 Start-Class article Start 
20 cm/50 3rd Year Type naval gun 20 January 2010 C-Class article C 
8"/55 caliber gun 26 December 2009 Start-Class article Start 
8"/55 caliber Mark 71 gun 12 August 2008 Start-Class article Start 
20.3 cm SK C/34 naval gun 27 January 2010 C-Class article C 
Hawaii Clipper 9 June 2011  ??? 
Honolulu Clipper 10 June 2011 B-Class article B 
Improved Military Rifle 9 February 2010 B-Class article B 
Indian Ocean in World War II 25 December 2013 Stub-Class article Stub 
Landing craft carrier 26 November 2013 B-Class article B 
Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company 22 August 2008 C-Class article C 
Marcello-class submarine 13 August 2012 B-Class article B 
HMCS Mayflower (K191) 23 June 2011 B-Class article B 
Mid-Ocean Escort Force 17 March 2008 B-Class article B 
Milk car 4 May 2011 C-Class article C 
Monson Railroad 1 December 2007 B-Class article B 
Monsun Gruppe 8 February 2011 Start-Class article Start 
Mountain Division 22 December 2007 B-Class article B 
Naval Reserve Flying Corps 31 July 2014 B-Class article B 
Neutrality Patrol 6 March 2014 B-Class article B 
Northern Bombing Group 30 July 2014 B-Class article B 
Northwestern Pacific Railroad 12 December 2007 Start-Class article Start 
Noshiro Maru 24 November 2013 B-Class article B 
PIRAZ 20 July 2008 B-Class article B 
Operation Pocket Money 19 June 2013 B-Class article B 
Portland Terminal Company 2 December 2007 B-Class article B 
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 23 July 2008 C-Class article C 
Remington Model 10 12 December 2009 Stub-Class article Stub 
Repair ship 18 March 2014 C-Class article C 
HMCS Rosthern (K169) 25 June 2011 B-Class article B 
Salt River (Humboldt County) 18 November 2012 B-Class article B 
Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad 24 November 2007 B-Class article B 
Secondary treatment 3 January 2015 B-Class article B 
Septic drain field 31 August 2009 C-Class article C 
List by death toll of ships sunk by submarines 4 December 2010  List 
Coastal submarine 1 April 2014 C-Class article C 
Cruiser submarine 1 April 2014 C-Class article C 
Trench railways 24 December 2007 B-Class article B 
HMCS Trillium (K172) 24 June 2011 B-Class article B 
Massachusetts ship Tyrannicide (1776) 4 July 2011 B-Class article B 
German submarine U-873 6 October 2012 B-Class article B 
Wastewater Treatment 28 December 2014 Start-Class article Start 
Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway 24 November 2007 B-Class article B