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AR-15 style rifle 1 March 2018 C-Class article C 
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Smokeless powder 1 June 2009 C-Class article C 
Escort carrier 9 June 2008 C-Class article C 
Sanitary sewer 29 December 2010 C-Class article C 
Midget submarine 7 September 2008 C-Class article C 
Septic drain field 31 August 2009 C-Class article C 
Percussion cap 12 July 2020 Start-Class article Start 
Fleet carrier 11 March 2014 B-Class article B 
Centerfire ammunition 14 September 2010 Start-Class article Start 
Ricochet 20 March 2017 C-Class article C 
8"/55 caliber gun 26 December 2009 Start-Class article Start 
Lost Coast 21 April 2010 Start-Class article Start 
List of ships sunk by submarines by death toll 4 December 2010  List 
Armor-piercing bullet 30 June 2019 Start-Class article start 
Water cooling 21 September 2012 C-Class article C 
Frangible bullet 7 December 2015 C-Class article C 
Slamfire 2 February 2019 Start-Class article start 

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If future archeologists investigate the artifacts of our species,
they may recognize we had the intelligence to foresee our extinction,
but lacked the wisdom to prevent it.