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Hello. I've been using Wikipedia for a very long time. I use it a lot, and when I come across inaccuracies or spelling mistakes I correct them. I am currently watching some BitTorrent and Internet-related articles, as well as some other random articles that I've come across. I improve wording and fix vandalism on them, mostly. I also occasionally go through the current AFDs and new articles.

About me

I spend a lot of time on my computer, and I have absolutely no life. I am very experienced with Windows, and I can troubleshoot most problems with it. Contact me (below) if you need help. I've also built Linux from Scratch and currently have a server running it.

My main computer is a high/mid-range PC. It plays all games OK, but it's not a supercomputer or anything. I dual-boot XP and Vista. I use my XP installation for games, since it's less resource-intensive.

I lean towards Anarchism, though some minimal government is probably necessary. My political views have been strongly influenced by The Culture -- the society depicted in the novels seems pretty much perfect to me. I believe that the Austrian School of economics is much more accurate than all other schools, but I disagree with the Austrian belief that economics cannot be described mathematically.

I made up the name "theymos" for an online role-playing game a long time ago. It's supposed to sound medieval, but it has no other meaning. I use it for lots of sites mainly because it's unique (and I've been using it for so long).

Contact information

theymos@em em dot ess tee.
ICQ: 214850779
AIM: theymos
Yahoo: theymos