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Video game source work

I maintain the "Reliable Sources for Video Games" and "Situational Sources for Video Games" Google Custom Search Engines (GCSEs) for WP:VG/S. My methodology is simple: if it's an RS according to WP:VG/S's List or Checklist then it gets added to "Reliable Sources for Video Games". If it's situationally reliable, it gets added to "Situational Sources for Video Games". If it's neither then it doesn't get added. In other words, I will not add sources to these GCSEs unless they have gone through the discussion process at WP:VG/S and achieved broad consensus. Localized consensus for the reliability of a source is good evidence that a source is reliable, but it must be presented at WP:VG/S and a case built for its RS-determination before I add it to the GCSE. If there are any errors in these search engines, please contact me on my talk page to let me know so that I can attempt to correct the errors.

WP:VG/S's GCSE History

  • 4 July 2009 - WP:VG/S first offers a GCSE for editors. Created by User:Odie5533, the GCSE is maintained until 21 May 2010
  • 1 July 2010 - A new GCSE is offered simultaneously with the old one. Created by User:Gwern, this is the GCSE used by WP:A&M.
  • 15 February 2012 - Initial versions of both GCSEs are created with up-to-date RS determinations. (initial RS total: 78; situational: 24)
    • 4 April 2012 - Both GCSEs are deblacklisted and added to WP:VG/S (RS total: 78; situational: 24)
    • 28 April 2012 - Non-English language editions of RSes merged to gain English sources' RS determinations. (RS: 93; SRS: 24)
    • 19 May 2012 -'s WP:VG RS determinations are transcluded and numerous Polish sites are deemed RSes. (RS: 106; SRS: 24)
    • 26 May 2012 - Large number of matured discussions archived and RS determinations made. Forums (mostly) excluded from search. (current RS: 116 w/ 62 exclusions; current SRS: 26)
    • 6 July 2013 - Added a few more RS determinations from the previous year, excluded several more forums and a few blogs from SRS (current RS: 117 w/ 71 exclusions; current SRS: 27 w/ 9 exclusions)
    • 25 March 2014 - Added 1 more RS determination, excluded its forum (current RS: 118 w/ 72 exclusions; current SRS: 27 w/ 9 exclusions)
    • 13 August 2014 - Added 3 more RS determinations (current RS: 121 w/ 72 exclusions; current SRS: 27 w/ 9 exclusions)
    • 16 September 2014 - Added 1 RS + 8 exclusions, 2 SRS + 2 exclusions (current RS: 122 w/ 80 exclusions; current SRS: 29 w/ 11 exclusions)
    • 13 February 2015 - Added 1 RS, 2 SRS + 3 exclusions (current RS: 123 w/ 80 exclusions; current SRS: 31 w/ 14 exclusions)
    • 2-13 April 2015 - Added 4 exclusions (current RS: 123 w/ 84 exclusions; current SRS: 31 w/ 14 exclusions)
    • 1 December 2015 - Added 11 RSes + 1 exclusion, 3 SRS (current RS: 134 w/ 90 exclusions; current SRS: 34 w/ 14 exclusions)
    • 10-21 January 2016 - Added 1 RS + 15 exclusion, Promoted 2 SRSes + 3 exclusions, Removed 1 RS + 5 exclusions, Split 2 SRS (current RS: 136 w/ 102 exclusions; current SRS: 34 w/ 11 exclusions)
    • 23 February 2016 - Added 18 RS exclusions, 1 SRS (current RS: 136 w/ 120 exclusions; current SRS: 35 w/ 11 exclusions)

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Search engine for a list of sites included in the engine.