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Dr. Acula
Background information
Origin Long Island, New York, USA
Genres Grindcore[1]
Years active 2006 - present
Labels Uprising Records, Shock Street Records[citation needed]
Members Eric
Tyler Guida


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Dr. Acula was formed in 2006 and released their EP, "Chillology." The following year, they released, "Silver Lipped Operator of Bullshit" (abbreviated to "S.L.O.B.") which commonly received bad reviews from the likes of Sputnikmusic and In 2008, the band released their second full length titled, "Below Me!" which received slightly better reviews on most music review sites. "Below Me!" in contrast to most professional reviewers' opinions, currently has a 4 out of 5 stars on iTunes, as voted by most listeners. They are currently in production for their third full-length album titled "Start the Party!"The band is signed to Uprising Records and is in the process of making their own record company, titled Shock Street Records -following the name of their song "Shocker on Shock Street." They have toured the U.S. with many metalcore, mathcore, and deathmetal bands and are currently producing their third full length album, titled "Start the Party!" The band has also released info that it will be touring in Bamboozle.

Musical Style and Influences[edit]

Report on creeks

Most Muscogee were removed to Indian Territory during the Trail of Tears in 1834, although some remained behind. There are Muscogee in Alabama living near Poarch Creek Reservation in Atmore (northeast of Mobile), as well as Muscogee in essentially undocumented ethnic towns in Florida. The Alabama reservation includes a casino and 16 story hotel and holds an annual powwow on Thanksgiving. Additionally, Muscogee descendants of varying degrees of acculturation live throughout the southeastern United States.

Real American history

Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole,

Yuchi, Koasati, Alabama, Coosa, Tuskeegee, Coweta, Cusseata, Chehaw (Chiaha), Hitchiti, Tuckabatchee, Oakfuskee, and many others

Per 6/7 3/4/09 Mr. Ordog "Native American Report"

"The Creeks"

The creek indians are a very interesting tribe of native americans. They are actually called the Muscogee indians which is spelled "Mvskoke" in their native language. They originally came from the south eastern United states and where later pushed westward. They inhabited Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia. They were also part of the original "Five Civilized Tribes" along with the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole. They were also in a confederacy with the Yuchi, Koasati, Alabama, Coosa, Tuskeegee, Coweta, Cusseata, Chehaw (Chiaha), Hitchiti, Tuckabatchee, and Oakfuskee. The Creek history was surprisingly long and interesting. The Creeks "evolved" from what were known as "Mound builders" who built large dirt mounds for burial, which reminds me of the Pyramids. Interestingly enough, any indians who lived near the Ocmulgee river were known as "Creeks" collectively. The Creeks resided near several rivers and valleys including the Chattahooche River, Ocmulgee, and Flint River. In the Revolutionary War, most of the Creeks fought either with the British or they didn't fight at all. After this, Georgia and the rest of the U.S. moved westward for their "Manifest Destiny" and Georgia was continuously infringing upon Creek lands. Luckily, George Washington was present to "civilize" the Creek people and with the help of Henry Knox, he passed a bill to start civilizing the creeks. George Washington had a six-way ambush attack plan on uncivilized society. It regulated buying of Indian lands, increased commerce, promoted "civilization" experiments, and it gave authority to the President to give presents and give justice to people who violated indian rights. The plan continued under Jefferson and the Creeks eventually did all but change their skin color. Of course the Creeks did not meet the American standard for they were not in fact, American. Good Ol' Jackson made it better by forcing the Creeks to move over 21 MILLION acres west and live there. Nowadays, Creeks live in numerous reservations such as the Poarch Creek Reservation in Alabama. Like so many other tribes, the Creeks are now in control of numerous casinos and hotels. The Creeks have also divided and the federal government recognizes three of these "tribes" which are the Alabama-Quassarte, Kialegee, and Thlopthlocco. They have even started a college called College of the Muscogee Nation. It is a two year university that offers degrees in Tribal Services, Police Science, Native American Studies and gaming


Current members[edit]

  • Tyler Guida - Vocals

Former members[edit]



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