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I have eventually come to the conclusion that I should say that my name is Roger Stansfîeld, though why anyone should want to know that is still obscure to me. An opinion piece in the Guardian discusses the matter and suggests that perhaps giving my name will make my editing more responsible. Well, well.

There are quite a few people in the world with the same name as myself so, to avoid my editing bringing any of them into disrepute, I'll say a bit about myself. I am English, though have lived most of my life in Scotland, and because I was born just after World War II I live in a nuclear family, as expected. Less predictable is that both my sons are young enough to still be at school – oh, but life moves on, and now they are both at university. I am retired from a career in IT (it was called Computing when I started). I have never owned a cat.

I have used one account (unified over projects) for editing and a second one, User:Thincat (alt), solely for technical testing. I have not used a customised signature. I edited as an IP in early 2004 and, since then, very occasionally by mistake. I've never been paid to edit Wikipedia and no one has ever offered to pay me. Nor, so far as I can recall, have I ever edited on a topic in which I have a financial interest. However, I was employed by BP between 1966 and 1970 and I see I edited their article ten times between 2005 and 2010.[1] ThinCats is a UK business loan firm founded in 2011 – there is absolutely no connection at all between us.

Some articles created[edit]

The list below is of some of the more significant articles I have created – the date shown is when the page became an article in main space. A complete list is accessible via XTools which gives the date when each page was first edited.




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Substantial contributions[edit]

The dates are of my first contribution to articles created by other people.