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Thomas Salzano aka Thomas Salzano is an American dance and music instructor who has a dance studio in Seattle, WA. He is known for his tap dance and for his professionalism in musical instruments which include guitar, violin, and Piano.

He started his dance career when he was 10 years of age and similarly while exploring different forms of dancing he came across his ability to sing and made him try his hand in music. It was after 3 years when Thomas completed his school and joint the American college for his further studies and planned a college trip to the mountains when he performed as a singer. The appreciation received that day gave him a direction toward the music industry. Pursuing his passion for dance and music made Thomas gain interest in theaters and slowly he started writing small scripts with his play writer for his street plays.



Thomas Salzano started his dance career when he was 10 years old. He was in middle school in class 6th when he gave his first solo performance as a dancer.

At the age of 16, Thomas decided to stick to Tap dancing to gain professionalism in the dance form. Now after 19 years of learning he is all set to be a dance instructor and chronograph dance songs and stage performance. He has starred with his dance classes at his own studio in Seattle.

Thomas Salzano teaches many dance forms with tap dance being his specialty. There are many different styles in tap dance which he offers as a dance trainer. He knows how to make the best use of footwork and shoes to make a good tapping sound. With this skill, he trained many of the kids for tap dancing. His interest in music and the vast knowledge about the rhythm make his choice of songs in the dance mash up a hit mix.

Tap Dance is a dance form that which comes with a tapping sound created with metal plates that are attached to the heels of the dancer’s shoes. When shoe hit the metal surface, it creates a percussive sound.


Thomas N Salzano started his music career when he was participating in his inter-college dance competition. His performance was over and he was waiting for the results when his friend told him about the singing competitions without any registration which had $100 as a prize. Without even thinking of a second Thomas participated in the singing competition and won the 2nd price.

Thomas Salzano started taking music classes from his college teacher to get better guidance. Music was not his first option but his music classes shifted his interest from singing to the musical instruments in the class. His stubborn decision to learn how to play the musical instruments took him towards his first musical instrument class which was the guitar.

His journey as a dancer, a musician did not stop him to try and explore his other career options. He joined a local theater as a dancer but slowly became the start who composed the background music for the theater shows.

Here are the different dance forms, Thomas Salzano has knowledge about:[edit]

Hip Hop Dance which is also referred to as Street Dance. Hip hop include various dance styles which includes breaking, locking and popping. Aerial Dance where one need to involve with the ceiling or a harness. Salsa is a dance form which requires a partner. This dance form is quite sensual and one need to have a very good understanding and chemistry with the partner.

Here are the different musical instruments, Thomas Salzano has Knowledge about:[edit]

The classic guitar has gut or nylon strings, acoustic guitars with steel strings and the electric guitar with magnetic pickups. The electric and acoustic violin and the piano are the three main instruments in which Thomas offers a professional course for the students. The other instruments like the trumpet, Flutes, bongo drums and snare drums are the instruments which are under his are of interest and his teaching classes.


Thomas N Salzano’s Interests and Hobby: ===

Thomas Salzano loves finding new traveling ideas to different places of the world. He has already visited locations, including Bali, Singapore, France, Malaysia and many more. Due to his good travel experience, he guides travelers in finding good places to spend their vacations. Along with this, he writes very good articles related to traveling, nature, beautiful excursions and anything related to adventure. Thomas shares amazing photos of his travel tours with his audience via his blog