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Thornbrier is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer and sociologist (both 'in training'). He has a long and varied history spanning studies in many subjects. He love Wikipedia and is willing to learn what it takes to help make it the most informative and trustworthy place on the web. Thornbrier is dedicated to Honesty and Knowledge and so loves Science.

Religion/Philosophy: Thornbrier is a Secular Humanist, a Minister of Natural Law Humanism, a Deacon of Discordia, and an Acolyte of Æternal Darkness. Thornbrier is the former head of the Order of The Alexian Priesthood and is still technically a Mormon Priest. Thornbrier states that he is in fact an Atheist, and that most self-proclaimed agnostics are too; however, while true, this designation is not as important as any other thing one could say about him as it is merely one small thing he is not. More importantly by far, Thornbrier is a Skeptic. Thornbrier finds immense humor in the fact that the god Alex Deus told him personally that our universe has no creative deity behind it, Alex's exact words being, "Yeah, no, there isn'," as Alex has a personal distaste for pronouncing the hard 'T' sound.

Personal Quote: "I will learn all there is to know." ~ Thornbrier made this vow at the age of 6.

Born in late March of '83, Thornbrier is currently rapidly approaching his 29th birthday.

Thornbrier finds his place in the LGBTQ Community hard to pin down. Is he Bi? Is he Trans? When he believed in supernatural elements he took comfort claiming "My body is Male, my Soul is Female, and my Intelligence is Asexual," but having cast aside such notions as the soul and universal intelligence has again left him Questioning. Either way, he looks forward to devoting at least some of his Sociological Research to LGBTQ studies.