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Hallo everyone.

My interests include classical music and buildings.

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Some things I have done[edit]


Having been on a "Training the Tainers" course, I am an accredited Wikimedia trainer. I have helped at a couple of editathons, see my page on Wikimedia.

Other editathons attended[edit]


Articles I have started include Clitheroe Library (stub class) created at the above-noted editaton. Nikkimaria got Bach Cantata BWV 196 up to good article, but a lot of articles I have created are still stubs.

I have got further with articles started by other people.

  • Good/Featured Article
    • Bach Cantata BWV 4 in collaboration with Gerda Arendt. Improved via "good article" status (2015) to being a featured article on Easter Sunday 2016.
    • Bach Cantata BWV 131. Previously DYK (see above), GA 2016.
    • Bach Cantata BWV 183. GA 2016.


It was located a quarter of a mile from the Abbey and underwent significant structural alteration in the 14th century. It survived the Dissolution of the Monasteries, remaining in continual agricultural use up until 1960 when it was left derelict. It was compulsorily purchased in 1982 by Braintree District Council, who initiated the restoration of the barn, with the work being completed in 1985. In 1989 the barn was given to The National Trust for its future preservation. Although it has undergone extensive reconstruction and its original thatch roof has been replaced with tile, the barn today represents that which existed in the 14th century. Grange Barn is now open to the public showing a collection of farm carts and wagons, and is available to hire for special events.[1][2][3]

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