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Andrew Crawford (Thparkth) self portrait.jpg

"Jutht put me near enough copper and thinc and athid, thur, he said, and then we thall thee thparkth."
-- Igor in Terry Pratchett's "Thief of Time"


My name is Andrew Crawford and I have been a Wikipedian since 2004, although I have had several long periods of inactivity along the way.

I was born in Scotland, but now I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. I work in the IT department of an insurance company, but I am also heavily involved in community radio and community television, and I have a passion for choral music.

I have studied Computer Science, but also Geology and Christian Theology. I don't have strong religious beliefs of any kind, but I do contribute to articles in that topic area, among others.

Apart from working on articles I also take part in deletion discussions and reviews, help with articles for creation, and occasionally contribute to new pages patrol. I am a pending changes reviewer which sometimes leads my editing in interesting directions. I do use AutoWikiBrowser sometimes for large-scale wikignoming.

Finally I am involved in developing database reports that run against the MediaWiki database that this site runs on.

I love to get messages on my talk page, and I enjoy helping people get started on Wikipedia. Don't be shy about talking to me.